Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Daily Dancer

Introducing the daily dancer. Flipping through the many blogs I came across Mr. Computer Geek who dances to common pop songs and hosts the videos daily on this blog. I never laughed so hard, especially when he showcased the vacuum.
Seriously it's great to see people let go and not care how stupid they look. Life is so much more fun that way.


RC said...

Hi Lisa Diet!

First I have to say I like your name, makes me want to lose weight, because if I don't my big brother says he's gona deflate me, but I'm not a balloon!

I found your blog threw Daily Dancers, but what are viceos?

I hope you have a nice day, Lisa Diet.

stephoto said...

wow lisa, what a funny find - i defintely enjoyed watching that guy dance around his living room - i only hope that my back stops aching soon so i can dance around too.