Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Snack Alert

For all of you out there who are maybe like me and sometimes stand in front of the kitchen extremely frustrated because their is nothing GOOD to eat, especially after you just finished watching a movie..... I found something.

Apple Chips & Brie Cheese!

You have to have at least a quarter of the brie cheese wheel in one hand and then other hand gets to feed you apple chips as you slowly eat your brie. It's kinda like the bitter after too much sweet, great combination.

Rosenborg Brie, Danish Camembert
Senca, Apple Chips

I think this is a perfect snack combination, enjoy!

p.s Unfortunatley this will not help your stomach look flat and non bloated

Greek Festival

Went to the Greek Festival last weekend..... These pictures somehow remind me of my Grandfather, not the skirt, but the cigarette!

I remember dancing like this when I was little at my Dad's cousins weddings.

K this guy reminds me of my Grampa except he cooked with a cigarette.
p.s My Grandfather was a chef, and owned different restaurants in his time, particularly a steak house in Banff.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

My First Polo Game

My first time riding a polo horse, thanks to Hadley's Dad. (As I write this post I keep saying to myself "Marko")

Beautiful Polo horse with his red protective gear to cover his legs.

We had a very German picnic with lots of cheeses and bread under the white tent.

I was lying down in front of Hadley to take the above picture, it was so nice I didn't want to get up.

The Polo game is actually very quick because the horses tire easily especially in the heat. The field was so long and flat, very nice to relax beside.

Later on some friends brought this neat looking old school car.

After we went to another house and I couldn't believe it they had an actual pig roast. I didn't think I'd like it but the rib meat ended up being so good, I happily ate way to much.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Hot Tub Madness

What to do with the camera in the hot tub on a friday night. I'm totally in love with Picas right now, it's so simple and easy to do quick edits.

This is the seventies pictures with the golden hair and green bikini top.

This pictures actually wasn't that focused but I used the blur tool so you don't notice.

Saturation and sharpen.

Same here


Tuesday I went to watch the baseball game. I think their is something really cool about the open baseball field with the white lines on the ground, green grass, huge white lights, and of coarse the big blue sky overhead.

The sun has just gone down, what a great way to spend the evening.

Blue bleachers to match the blue sky. I didn't really understand the game when I first started watching but now were getting the hang of it. Here's Hadley and Brad.

Here the boys waiting to bat in the dug out. Tonight is the playoffs at 6 I hope one of the teams I know goes further.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Strawberry Pie

After the strawberry picking I had way to many strawberries and I needed something to make with them. So I decided to attempt my first pie ever. My mom of coarse has made us a billion pies as we were growing up and because she always made her own crust they always tasted so much better. I too now have attempted to make my own crust, even though it took me over an hour to figure out how to get the dough into the glass plate, (I figured out later I added too much water and the flour was sticking to the cutting board, grrrrrr)but it tasted so much lighter and fresher to have made my own crust!

p.s Something I thought about as I was making this pie today. I woke up this morning put on my lulu lemon gear and was gearing up for a run this morning, then I didn't go. So I decided to leave it on because I was planning on delivering flyers in the afternoon, but then that was cancelled. Now I'm back on some sort of calorie restriction although I haven't really decided which diet to pursue at this point. But wouldn't it be great if just putting on my workout clothes somehow caused me to lose weight. Like maybe if I wear them I'll just eat less because I'm more conscious of the fact that I'm supposed to be exercising and losing weight. So maybe that's going to be a part of my new diet, purchasing lots of nice workout clothes to lounge around the house in.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Strawberry Picking in Langley

Today was so beautiful and warm out, so we headed to the fields for some fresh berries.

We searched and hunted in the many rows looking for our little treasures.

This took the prize for the weirdest strawberry!

Hmm here's Sharon and her sister Rachel eating what should be in the buckets. We all ate so many strawberries that I felt sick after. They were so incredible juicy and ripe it was impossible not too.

We were all having such a wonderful time until some people decided that throwing strawberries was more fun than actually picking them. Of Jon coarse used me as one of the preferred targets. But I kept telling him that his aim sucked and he couldn't throw, so I guess that didn't help the situation.

Calvin was hit and had to rely on relocating to more peaceful parts of the field to avoid being a target.

The boys didn't spend much time gathering, more using the strawberries as weapons and hunting each other.

Here's Jon after Quentin pegged him back. Notice the bloody looking fingers on the side of the picture!

Jon and his bucket as we were about to leave.

Heading home with our treats.

Candles and Bon Fires

Tonight I spent some time taking pictures of anything with a flame, the night was about candles and bon fires. (I almost wrote Bomb Fire but Calvin came to my rescue and said, "Hey Lisa I think it's Bon Fire not Bomb, you better remember that for you blog") So thanks Cal but for some reason I always thought it was Bomb fire and not Bon Fire, which means good fire in French.

The fire started out cute, small and contained.

But some people think bigger is better.

Soon the fire was so big we were sitting 10 feet away. (Here's me with my family posse)

After awhile I had enough heat and we headed home.

And I decided to sit in front to my computer and use picas to edit and post, night!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Steak is so Good!

Quentin wanted to take me out for dinner tonight and thought Fish and Chips, but somehow on the way out I changed the dinner location to the Keg. I just want to say that I had a huge craving for one of those classic steak dinners with the Caesar salads as a starter for $23 and it was sooooo sooooo good. I had the teriyaki steak with a baked potoato with everything on it and it was so satisfying to eat those two foods side by side. That was the best meal I've eaten in awhile! So if your driving by the Keg remember it's really really good and for $23 to not have to cook and clean, it's so worth it once in a awhile!

I would love to be a dancer!

Here's the new TV show that I'm very interested in at the moment. Last night Quentin and I watched the 2 hrs special for, "So You Think You Can Dance". The show has progressed beyond the audition stage and they've selected 10 different couples of varying styles of dance to perform pas de deux (fancy way of saying duets). So last night I kept getting more and more excited as the couples presented their numbers. They had a beautiful waltz to Enya, (I didn't even realize Enya was to three counts), and it was so elegant and beautiful, for some reason I remember that number the most. They had a ballet dancer do a disco dance with this guy Jayzm Tuaileva and it was like watching John Travolta swinging around a cute ballet dancer in a red hot sequined dress. They kept telling her to stick her bum out more, but of coarse in ballet it's the opposite your supposed to be as tight as possible so I thought she looked even cuter trying to relax and let lose. My fantasy at this point would be to sneak back stage and try on all those little dresses and dance around for a few hours with a camera and maybe some wine. Hadley I know you'd be with me on this one, how fun would an afternoon of dress up be.
Another really good number was the opening hip hop with Benji Schwimmer the champion swing dancer. He did a hip hop number which was very much out of his style but he did such a fantastic job because he has such sharp intense moves. I don't really know much about Hip Hop but I think I heard on the show it's about, " hitting it really hard and then relaxing" k I that sounds kinda yah.... but at least now I understand how a hip hop routine is suppose to look. It has really intense moments were the dancer looks like they're doing something that's 100%, intense for them, like maybe hammering a nail into a board could be a practical comparable, and then the relaxation after. This could be only one style of hip hop though cause I think I've seen other more fluid robotic type routines as well. Anyways before we went to bed I was trying to demonstrate to Quentin my ability to do that hip hop move were you sorta punch your fists out and towards your chest really fast and then rest of you body tries to follow. I think I got it mostly down and hopefully he was slightly amused before falling asleep.
I'll try to find some video clips of the numbers.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Paris Hilton - Stars are Blind

So here's Paris in her new video and I of coarse ran to the computer this morning to goggle and watch. All I can think is so this is what you do to entertain yourself when you have all the money and fame in the world, "Sing a Song and make a Video." I'm slightly jealous I mean how much fun would it be to hire all the best stylists and some super duper hot guy to carry you around on the beach and then have someone film it so you can watch yourself later. Plus she gets to launch a massive media campaign and keep track of exactly how many other people are also watching.
Paris I definitely love your video, even though it's so dumb, but it makes dream about flying back to Hawaii and having some fun for a few days so I can't complain.

Click picture to watch Video

Oh here are the lyrics in case your wondering what she's actually saying. I still can't believe she actually made a music video.

I don't mind spending some timeJust hanging here with you Cuz I don't find too many guysThat treat me like you doThose other guys all wanna take me for a rideBut when I walk their talk is suicideSome people never get beyond their stupid prideBut you can see the real me insideAnd I'm satisfied, oh no, ohhEven though the gods are crazyEven though the stars are blindIf you show me real love babyI'll show you mineI can make you nice and naughtyBe the devil and angel tooGot a heart and soul and bodyLet's see what this love can doBaby i'm perfect for youMy love, ohh ohI could be your confidanteJust one of your girlfriendsBut I know that love's what you wantIf tomorrow the world endsWhy shouldn't we be with the one we really love?Now tell me who have you been dreaming ofAt night at home? oh no, ohhEven though the gods are crazyEven though the stars are blindIf you show me real love babyI'll show you mineI can make you nice and naughtyBe the devil and angel tooGot a heart and soul and bodyLet's see what this love can doBaby i'm perfect for youExcuse me for feelingThis moment is criticalMight be me feelingIt could get physical, oh no, no noEven though the gods are crazyEven though the stars are blindIf you show me real love babyI'll show you mineI can make you nice and naughtyBe the devil and angel tooGot a heart and soul and bodyLet's see what this love can doLet's see what this love can doBaby I'm perfect for youBaby I'm perfect for youEven though the gods are crazyEven though the stars are blindEven though the gods are crazyEven though the stars are blind

Monday, June 12, 2006

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt

Today in the grocery store I purposely chose a longer than normal grocery line so I could analyze the pictures of the newest celebrity baby. This baby however is theeeeee baby, I suppose considering her genes she'll be the hottest thing to hit the planet when she grows up. We'll know in about 20 yrs.
I love looking at newborns to try and figure out what facial features come from which parents, I think it's so amazing how that happens. So far it's obvious that the baby has Angelina's lips (hope their still in style in 20 yrs) and I think she'll have Brad's cheekbone structure, like that spot right under your eyes. In my family my all three of us have that same profile even if our face shape is different. Unfortunately I couldn't find a nice close up picture of the baby online but I'm sure I'll have more luck in a few days.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Kits Beach

Today a bunch of us took a trip to Kits beach which I haven't been to in a long time. It's so nice and busy down there, I love all the activity and being able to people watch. I even had a chance to play some volleyball with a circle of people just hitting the ball back and forth with my feet in that nice soft sand, so nice!

Hadley and I in the back of Chris's convertible on HWY 99, we spend most of the drive trying to figure out how to tie our hair back so it wouldn't become one big massive knot.

This weekend I'm at odds with nature as just as I walked by the ice cream shop a bird pooed right down the front of my shirt and on my arm and I once again had to take off my shirt and this time go wash it in the sink, yuck!!!

Mmmm I actually didn't get around to trying the ice cream, but I will next time.

I'm very excited to hit the beach this summer and play some ball!

Then after hang out and maybe have a barbecue! For some reason I'm very interested in buying and organizing camping gear right now and tomorrow I want buy those portable grill barbecues at Canadian tire for hopefully $30ish.

King Kong

I finally saw King Kong after so very very long. My favorite scenes are when he's fighting the last big hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex and that moment were she backs up toward him instead of running away because she finally understands that he doesn't want her for just another meal. Also the last scene were he dies at the top of the building and she has to be there for him. It was just so sad, I could feel a huge lump in my throat. :(
p.s I screamed like Naomi Watts when the bugs started to crawl on her back! I've realized I have a huge phobia of bugs in places I can't see!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Huge Embarrassing Moment

K tonight I made the biggest scene in my subdivision and it was very funny AFTER if happened. Quentin and I went for a walk to the rosemary convince store and I was wearing a blue tank top. So I'm walking on the street and look down to my left and there's a huge massive (certainly man eating) beetle on my chest. I totally start screaming and raise my arms as the thing starts to crawl towards my armpit. As the beetle looks like it's going to try and crawl into my bra and hide there, I start screaming and tear my tank top off and throw it to the middle of the street. Of coarse at the same time the Gatorade bottle I was holding went flying all over the place and ended up half all over me AND I totally stepped on and smashed my favorite silver aviator sunglasses. Quentin was like, "Lisa you're smashing your sunglasses" and I didn't care cause I just want the bug OFF. I totally flipped my hair over and started shaking everything too because I couldn't find the bug and I kept thinking all of a sudden I'd feel it crawling on my neck or something. (I never thought I was that squeamish of bugs until this incident.) Then just as I'm done freaking out and taking my clothes off a guy in a black car on his cell phone drives by and there I am trying to cover the fact that I'm standing with no tank top, very embarrassing!! I'm sure he was like, oh look theirs a girl wearing her bra standing in the street with water all over her. Anyways that's my latest embarrassing moment and now that I know I don't have huge flesh eating beetle attacking me I think it's pretty funny.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mango Coconut Prawn Spaghetti Dinner

My lastest spaghetti creation. I used one of those Patka coconut curry jars and added that to onion and garlic sated in a pan. I wanted to add sweetness and some spice as well so I sprinkled lots of cayenne pepper on top and then chopped up some fresh mangos. I found some mint in my garden and decided on the side it would taste refreshing. Quentin took a bite and said, "fantastic this should be on a restaurant menu" wow that's a very hard rating to get. :)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hadley and I make a huge Indian Dinner

Yesterday Hadley and I decided to try our hand at making an authentic Indian dinner. Even though Hadley's Mom was born in India she was mostly raised on western food so both her and I really didn't have a clue what we were doing. However I kept telling her that if was a hit it would be all her glory.

Here we're making something called saga (need to check the spelling of that), in the top dish with spinach, tofu, crushed tomatoes and lots of chilies. In the bottom pan it's butter chicken that was so incredible right for spices, which I think is really hard to do.

I was so in love with the butter chicken sauce I had to eat it right out of the pan.

Here Hadley is making Naan bread from scratch and I thought it was funny because even her calf muscles were getting a work out.

Here's the buffet, we had so much food, Tom was really excited too.

Voila, I even made fresh Mango lassie and served it in Margarita glasses!

After we ate I was so tired from all the work and of coarse drinking ciders, I was completely passed out by 11' o'clock. Next time we're trying Thai food, however no drinking ciders before you done, I found by the time I started drinking my second my sense of timing was completely off and I had to focus really hard not to let anything burn.