Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bush Speaks

Well tonight I made a big Greek Dinner for the family and everyone else that decided to show up. Bradley brought 4 of his friends from Trinity and we watched President Bush speak The State of The Union Address.

Oh my it was hard to hear the TV tonight over everyone else yelling in the background. The one thing I do remember clearly was Bush declaring that America will be actively pursing new sources of energy so not to be as dependent on the Middle East for oil. Tom sitting to my left was like, "you watch a certain type of stock will go up tomorrow" I assume he means the ones for new energy sources.

So I guess the President of the United States wasn't interesting enough on his own and the Trinity kids decided to drink shots of Ouzo everytime Bush said, "TAXES".

So anyways I thought it was hilarious and laughed even harder when they convinced my Mom to drink one. So silly!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

My Little Brother Posted

Brad's Space This is my baby brother's msn space. Here he writes about the family Hawaii trip.
For some reason I think that everything he does is so cute and I can never get that mad at him. Maybe it's because he's smart enough to not argue with me and usually does what I say. However he phone me tonight to say that I'm making dinner for him, the family and his friends from Trinity to watch the Prime Ministers inauguration on Tuesday night??????, oh and I've been told to make this big Greek Pasta dish called "Euvisty" (not correctly spelt) in Greek or Stewed Lamb with Tomatoes Orzo and Rice. Actually I bought a big bag of pasta Orzo awhile back and I would love a chance to make the whole thing, this should be fun I hope my Greek dish turns out okay.
p.s I was looking at this recipe more closely and it's missing cinnamon and fennel which I think will make it taste more authentic.

Chinese Happy New Year

Today we went for an adventure in China town through the pouring rain lead by none other than the ultimate adventurer himself Calvin.

It was cold and wet,

and us girls huddled together under our tiny little umbrella with soaking wet hair and jeans,

but we got to see Chinese Dragon dancers blessing stores fronts,

lettuce hanging in door frames,

and very peculiar food items.

Then after we rewarded ourselves with a nice normal western dinner at dry warm Cactus Club.

Thanks Cal for our Sunday afternoon rain adventure.

Andrew turns 30

We went to my friend Andrew's 30th birthday this weekend. For some time before his birthday he spoke excitedly about getting a new fork for his bike and honestly I really had a hard time visualizing what the heck he was talking about. Well here he is happy as a clam with his new bike fork thingy and now I know. Happy Birthday Andrew!!!

Opening more presents.

They bought a cake from Hillcrest Bakery which was really good!

Way better pictures @ Amanda's Blog

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Front Row @ Coldplay

Quentin and I had front row seats to Coldplay tonight, it was an incredible show and I, of course, went nuts with my camera.
This concert was fantastic; Coldplay is one of those bands that sing better live than on recording. I could have listened to Chris Martin for hours. My favorite songs were The Scientist and Ti'l Kingdom Come. It was so emotional to listen to him sing them to us ,live, WOW!
I think Quentin and I feel extremely spoiled Quentin keeps saying, "it's like Coldplay played in my living room" So it will be hard to see another concert where we're so far back as usual. I always thought it was a bit extravagant to sit in the front row now but I recommend trying it at least once.
Anyways that was my wonderful Christmas present from Quentin and it was fantastic. Thanks Honey!

Concert Video - Click HERE -

We were so close

Chris Martin

Singing Away

On stage

I had to add this in, Chris Martin threw these into the audience after he was finished playing and Quentin caught one. He wore them during the concert to help him play the guitar I think, pretty neat hey!

At the Piano

Thursday, January 26, 2006

What I'm supposed to do

I was cleaning today and in a box I found a small stack of Christmas cards that were supposed to go to family members back east and to a few other friends I haven't spoken to in awhile. I'm so upset because I spent a long time writing these and I thought I delivered them. So do I throw them away or just put them in the mail anyways. Do I write on the envelop sorry I misplaced these somehow? I don't know what to do?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tonight's Running Clinic

Tonight I ran my little heart out again with Pennisula Runners, wow what an intense work out. I might as well be asleep at Just Ladies Fitness Group Power in comparison to this. In total the instructor said we ran 7km tonight. We ran to this track did a couple laps and then started sprinting drills. We did the drills for about 30 minutes and at one point after a 300m sprint everyone was breathing so hard, it was odd yet kind of rewarding to know that everyone had pushed themselves to the brink . Half way through the drills I started to run faster toward the finish and I could just feel the endorphins kicking in, that felt incredible.
It was so dark, cold, and damp outside and all the wet trees surrounding the track had this mist that hung from them. It sounds really gloomy but with these huge lights hitting the track and trees it was very refreshing. Maybe like swimming at night in a warm lake.
Okay so now were supposed to go home and have and ICE BATH which I think is going to be torture but supposively it helps to reduce the inflammation in your legs. This is going to be hell I'm not looking forward to it. Brrrr

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Pedicure at Sharon's Spa

Today just as a treat I went to visit Sharon at her new Spa Room in Granville Island that she just opened. Of coarse she has a fancy SLR camera so we couldn't resist taking pictures. Here I am relaxing in her new room.

Sharon adding the nail art to the pedicure.

My very pretty toes, thank you Sharon you're the best!

Quentin sent me this today, It's funny, get it!


I'll write a bit on this later.

Our new Prime Minister.

Here is one of my friends Boomer (Caroline) with the new Prime Minister of Canada. So cute Boomer and good job Stephen Harper.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Election Night

Well I voted Conservative tonight, I was leaning more towards Liberal although I've been Conservative in the past but my surprisingly wonderfully opinionated friend Andrew gave me a huge talking to about why voting Liberal wasn't acceptable. Although their were lots of different issues I ultimately agreed that after 12 years, the Liberals have had long enough and it's time for a change.
So tonight I'm sitting on my green couch with my laptop keeping me warm and watching everyone debate the election on TV, why the country voted the way it did, and what to expect from the new government. I'm sure I'll still be watching at 10pm, this reminds me of living at home with my parents when election night was the center for a huge discussion and everyone was either clapping and saying yahh in front of the TV or booing and saying how terrible it was.

p.s I wasn't totally lazy tonight, and I did my short Tempo run of 20 minutes which only needed to be 12 minutes. It was hard though, my pace was too fast at first and I had another stich in my side. I ended up walking for a few parts which I consider cheating. I can't wait till warmer weather comes because tonight it was so cold my face was bright red from wind chill when I got back. I also bought New Balance shoes Saturday so I have to get used to my orthotics being in them. So everything is fine now and I'm excited to go outside and Run but I hope I keep enthusiasm till the Sun Run, it's easy to be excited in the beginning but then lose momentum.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Yikes An Infectious Pandemic!

Tonight we went to my parents for dinner and my Mom informed us that the previous night they were at a family friends house who just happens to be one of Canada's leading doctors specializing in rare infectious diseases. My Mother said he feels that in the next 5 years there's an 80% chance that a virus will mutate and be transferable from person to person instead of bird to person. Obviously the details are a million times more complicated than I understand but I think it's worth reading more about if someone who specializes in that field feels their is an 80% chance it will happen.

Ten things you need to know about pandemic influenza

Here's the first.

1. Pandemic influenza is different from avian influenza.
Avian influenza refers to a large group of different influenza viruses that primarily affect birds. On rare occasions, these bird viruses can infect other species, including pigs and humans. The vast majority of avian influenza viruses do not infect humans. An influenza pandemic happens when a new subtype emerges that has not previously circulated in humans.
For this reason, avian H5N1 is a strain with pandemic potential, since it might ultimately adapt into a strain that is contagious among humans. Once this adaptation occurs, it will no longer be a bird virus--it will be a human influenza virus. Influenza pandemics are caused by new influenza viruses that have adapted to humans.

Another article:


I don't technically have to go to church anymore

Well I checked out my church's website and I can't believe it but all the sermons are uploaded. I love Pastor Ross because he's so academic and I feel like I'm back at school when I listen to him. I wish I could take my laptop and take notes while he spoke but I know I'd look like the ultimate knob if I did. Today he spoke about community, leadership, and humility. So much to remember but one thing I related to was his explanation of the Greeks definition of a leader. He said the Greeks thought that in order to be a leader you had to achieve success in some form and usually have some material success. He said our modern day interpretation of a leader comes from this image but that a good leader isn't necessarily successful. I don't know I'll have to think about that some more and maybe I'll run into a good example of this one day and then understand better.
Here's a link if anyone wants to feel like their in an RELS class.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Today's Run

We'll today I tried my first on my on my own long distance run. It was supposed to be 35 to 45 minutes. I found my old sports watch and had the jeweler put a new battery in it before my run so I could time myself. So I took 10 minutes to run from up town white rock to my brothers, stopped the timer on my watch chatted with my Dad 10 minutes and then continued my run. I know that's cheating but whatever. I ran up to 40 minutes on my watch timer but I couldn't run all of it. At one point I had to go up this slow gradual hill and I had horrible side stitches. Okay well I'll see how Mondays 12 minute min run goes.

Quantum Entanglement

I saw David Chalk in a seminar this week and one thing he spoke about was quantum entanglement. David says the gist of it is that they've figured a way a photon can be in two places at the same time. What does that mean, well TELLEPORTATION as in Startrek. I don't know how many of my friends actually watched Star Trek as kids but that used to be a regular Friday night event, watching Captain Kirk and his await team beam themselves all over the place. It used to be great fun to imagine all the possibilities of transporting yourself were ever you wanted to go. David told us to go home and google Quantum Entanglement and so I'm going to try and see if I can find a simple version that I actually understand... how exciting to think it's actually possible.

quantum entanglement slide show.

Okay I read about 50% of this slide show and then I maybe retained about 20% of it. I'm going to have to read it again so at least I can fire a few questions at all the science engineer people I know and see what they think.

Friday, January 20, 2006


I wasn't really in the mood to see Casanova tonight, but the times were right and Quentin reminded me how I really wanted to see it. Casanova surprised me and did win me over with its witty banter. It's a romantic comedy except played several hundred years ago when men wore grey curly wigs and frilly outfits.

The movie was incredible hot too, except it's not what your thinking.... When we walked in the theater the air conditioning was blasting and both Quentin and I had our jackets zipped up. I asked Quentin to have the theater people to turn up the temperature and so he did. Then about half way through the movie the theater became unbearable hot, I mean I was using a piece of paper to fan myself and even my eyes felt hot, that's the worst! It's not very nice, but Quentin and I started to laugh because we knew it was totally our fault. After the movie as we were leaving Quentin heard a girl say, "when we first got into the theater it was freezing and by the end it so hot". Me and my bright ideas. :)

The characters in Casanova were great. In the first scene you meet Casanova himself running around like a hooligan seducing women. They show him fleeing a nunnery as the police chase him, but the funny part is that the nuns are all in love him and trying to kiss him as he leaves. There's the token holy virgin in the movie too, except whenever she becomes turned on she starts breaking things like a piece of wood right from the bridge on the street. Quentin thought that was hilarious. Anyways it was a cute romantic movie and I definitely want a copy when it comes to DVD.

Today I'm Useless

Okay today I woke up had a shower, got ready in the usual fashion drove to this seminar work thingy and then on the way listened to this song on my nano and then totally lost it. Dierks Bentley's song, " Modern Day Drifter". I have no idea why today of all days this song triggered me to be so emotional but yikes it happened. Anyways you know how when you play Monopoloy you can get those get out of jail free cards. Well today I decided to use my card and be completely usless. Oh there could be other reasons I'm like this, like new pills! Yikes this stuff is brutal.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I'm a real runner now.

Okay tonight I officially joined the Running Room and put myself into the level 2 group. Not the walkers, but not the marathon runners. We didn't run that far but I had to work pretty hard. When I run as a group somehow the pack mentality kicks in for me and I want to be in the group that's up front. It doesn't mean that I'm totally comfortable up there but I try anyways. Tonight we ran to a track at a local high school and I had the worse cramps about half way through. I just thought oh no I'm not going to make it I made a big mistake. Somehow though I just kept running, the cramp started to go away, and pretty soon we were at the track doing bread and butter intervals. I really liked the interval training, we had to do high kick thingys and then interval training of running for 3 minutes, rest, 2 minutes, rest, then 1 minute. The idea was to run faster than your usual long distant pace. At first I had all this energy but by the second set I though oh no I can't do this anymore, but because the group is there you just force your self through it. No one wants to be the first to quite especially when the other ladies are in their 50's and your 27. The fee to join is $80 and I think it's going to be worth every penny because I know otherwise I won't push myself as hard.

The Tyra Banks Show

Today I'm watching the Tyra banks show and she's doing a show on the reality tv show, the biggest loser. I think Tyra is heading towards being the next Oprah, but we'll see I guess.
Anyways today the show was about these overweight guys and girls who worked really hard, losing around 100lbs each and then some of the people started dating and then feel in love. Tyra Banks was saying that everyone is so fascinated by their love story and here I am blogging about it. I don't know why I find it kind of interesting too.
Another story that I thought was really nice was a wife explaining the difference she saw in her husband after he lost weight. She said the difference she notice was his confidence level, like he wasn't self conscious about taking off his shirt infront of even her anymore. Another guy said that when he was overweight he was really angry but since losing weight he sort of sheid that anger. They said their was such an emotional release to losing weight. Obviously I've never lost 100lbs but I can see how it must have a changing effect on someone's personality after they shed all those extra layers of themselves.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My attempt to be discovered

Oh it's been a long day. I've just come home fixed myself a nice snack, flicked on the TV and guess what American idol is on, how fitting. Tonight Chris called and summoned me to be his make do girlfriend to accompany him to the Model Talent Search Canada down in Guildford tonight at the Sheraton Hotel. Candice you owe me big time for sitting and waiting while Chris impressed the judges.
Some how I even filled out one of the forms. When I walked in the door and the girl asked me if I wanted a form I said no but Chris took and extra anyways and then after he filled out his I took the pen and filled in mine.
Well I lined up and figured out shortly before meeting the representative at the front that I wasn't 5.5 in height so I couldn't be a model and would have to audtion to be an actor. Okay so I took Chris's commercial audition sheet, folded it in half, licked it, and tore it so I could memorize the Jeans Gap commercial in time. It said,

"You know, the coolest thing about jeans is that they never go out of style. Jeans can go anywhere.... You can dress them up or dress them down. What are you waiting for? Get on over to the Gap for the best jeans today!"

People waiting in the room.

Oh it was terrible, I went infront of this guy who must have been younger than me and said, "okay I'm not 5"8 so I guess I can't be a model." He said, "okay tell me your lines", I said the first line and then froze. I tired to smile really big and he was like, "that's it, "I was like," sorry I forgot," and he said, "thanks".

We went back to our seats and this Chinese guy with a huge mowhawk and an unbuttoned electric blue shirt comes out and says, "If I call your name then you didn't get chosen but if your name isn't called you get to stay and be reauditioned. " So my name was called, oh no I was rejected...... I guess forgetting my lines didn't impress.

Chris was accepted though and we waited 3o to 45 minutes for him to be reauditioned. He even made it past the next stage and they'd like to see him at the, "big audition" in Vancouver in March when all the top agents from New York and Milan are present.

Part of the initial presentation informed us that if you did get accepted you'd have to pay $600, half tonight and half later. Chris and I devised a plan, he would give me his wallet and say he forgot it if asked to pay now. (Hmmm I wonder if Chris has ever used that one before......)

Chris owes me big time, not only did I forgo a nice cozy warm evening at home, I had to stand in line get rejected and then wait for him for an hour. Oh I'm such a good friend.

I have to get something out this so, If by any chance Chris ever makes it to the big time, then I get 2% of his first really big pay check. He said, "yah okay" as we waited.

p.s I would like to add that I really don't like the show American Idol and I'm so glad that I don't ever have to do that again, their are so many others things I personally prefer, it's so not me.

p.p.s. Their was one girl who Chris and I both thought was really good looking, a tall skinny blond and for some reason she didn't make it past the first round. It was strange.

Monday, January 16, 2006

I have my car back

I finally have my own car back and it's so nice. I've been without it for a few weeks now if you include Hawaii for 2 weeks. I really really missed it, wow it's so nice to be able to go places and get back to work again.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm in serious pain tonight!

Tonight I'm sitting on the couch and I can barely move. My leg, forearms, wrists, fingers, calves, ankles, ass, thighs, shins, back, and some extra muscles I'm sure are in serious pain. I went for a run yesterday and then played Squash for the first time in two years. I feel like I worked really hard, you know trying to feel the burn because it's good for you........ Why is it that things in life that feel so good are usual so terrible and things that don't feel that great are usually what will benefit you in long run.
Running is just one example, it's painful and you have to push through the pain of your body wanting to stop, but once you get through it somehow the pain opens up and you're like wow I feel great why don't I do that more often. Shouldn't something like running just feel fantastic all the time and the something like eating fatty junky food feel terrible. I know some people will say yes I love running and hate junk food, but I mean real people who admit to loving their weaknesses.
Mmmmm I'm eating a box of chocolate covered cherries from Starbucks as I write this. That's the real reason I run, so I can eat as many of these I want and not suffer the consequences.

This is totally not related but I'm going to mention it anyways. Today in, "Church" our pastor was making a point about everyone being equal and the message of reconciliation. To be honest my mind was daydreaming and I missed most of his arguments, but then he stated, "because you could argue that some people are more evolved than others, and if that's the case then some people would be worth more." I know he was only trying to make a point but I just looked up and thought, what you really think you could argue that, wow!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Baby Jack

We had a baby in the house last night. He was incredibly cute and the highlight was when Miranda and I were sitting at the island eating tortilla chips and salsa when Jack took his little baby, arm grabbed the tortilla chip bag and then shook it as hard as he could. I was balancing him on the island at the time and we both looked at each other as chips went all over the floor and she said, "oh he's just learning to do that". Hey he needs to learn what his little arms are for somehow.

Miranda and Jack, Sharon took this with her wonderful SLR camera last night. What a difference it makes to have a camera that can judge depth of feild.

Miranda posted lots more pictures including spa pictures of Candice and I from last night.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Arron Chang

Today it's rainning so hard outside and it makes me feel like such a lucky girl that I get to sit inside and be warm while it's so cold out there. Brrrrrr why did God make rain so cold.

So I stumbled across this website of Arron Chang's and to be honest I'm totally fascinated by it. I had never heard of Arron Chang before but now I know he's a surfer/photographer/merchandiser. In his slide shows he has these little discriptions and you can read how much he loves pictures. Many of his photo's were taken in Oahu and on the North Shore were we visited, which made me fall in love his pictures even more.

(This was our favorite beach)

The way man interfaces with nature is one of a surf photographers main themes. Cruising the north shore of Oahu one afternoon in I stopped to watch some guy's body surfing the shorebreak at Waimea bay. Walking down the beach I noticed that looking back into the sun was an incredible shot. 300mm lens made the shot.

BW Wave
This was a huge second reef day at Pipe and only a handful of surfers decided to surf this day. No one wanted to shoot from the water. I decided to try and come home with one of my all time signature photos. This was the first photo of an empty wave to be used on the cover of Surfing magazine. Shot with a 100mm lens while swimming.

Andy Irons
This photo captures Andy Irons in that critical moment of deciding how and where to set his line for the barrel at Teahupoo. Shot during an afternoon free surf after the contest was completed for the day, the session included the Hobgoods, Shea Lopez, Conan Hayes and other great surfers. Shot with a 300mm lens from a boat.

Pipeline Lineup
I have been watching Pipeline continuously since 1974. Ninety percent of the time I check the surf from Eukai Beach park. I, like many other dedicated Pipe watchers, do this habitually, sometimes as many as five times a day. This photo is the best day I have ever seen at Pipe; Huge flawless ten foot lines stacked up on the reef with pits big enough to drive school buses though. Shot from the footpath with a 135mm lens.

Kennelly is a surfer I admire. She deals with heavy situations well and has single handedly raised the bar for womens surfing to new and lofty levels. On top of best among the best in the world shes an athlete of great character. Shot in Tahiti from a boat.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Swan Lake

Tonight I'm as lazy as can be, not in the mood to do anything productive. Quentin and I are watching figure skating on TV and I'm sitting here yapping every time someone messes up. Poor Quentin has gotten a few mini lectures from proper jumping technique to what makes a graceful skater. Of coarse I've popped off the couch to give demonstrations in front of the tv when necessary, he should be lucky to learn so much.... Quentin of coarse watches skating in a totally different way from me, whenever the commentators say the words, "stroking, from behind, or she's really tight" he repeats them out loudly and laughs. At one point he used the play back feature on the TV/PVR and had me watch were the guy had his hand when he threw the girl into a throw triple loop. (I wasn't a big deal at all.) I never ever though of listening or watching figure skating as derogatory until I was married. O well it's okay it makes me laugh and I can't complain if my husband can find a way to amuse himself while watching figure skating with me.

One of the pairs programs I watched had the music from Swan Lake and it was so beautiful. Before the program had even finished I went and grabbed my laptop to goggle it. I remember my parents taking me to see this ballet when I was young. There is something about the story, the production and especially the music of Swan Lake that makes it incredible.

The Foot Notes to the Story.
Swan Lake tells the story of young Price Siegfried, who falls in love with the
Swan Queen Odette, a woman transformed into a bird by an evil sorcerer.
Odette explains that she is destine to remain a strange composite creature,
until rescued by a man's undying love. Enthralled by her beauty, The Prince
pledges his eternal love - but later, at a party in his honor of his 21st
birthday, he is tricked by the sorcerer, von Rothbart, into declaring his love
for Odile, and evil twin of Odette. Realizing his inadvertent betrayal,
the Prince rushes back to the lake. There, he battle Von Rothbart, and
destroys his power. The lovers then reunite.

Oh I miss dramatic stories like these, there is just something so nail biting and fascinating about these love triangle type stories, they're never boring and are usually fantastic tear jerkers. When you think about it though it isn't logical that it's should be so interesting or moving. I mean shouldn't a story about starving dying children in Africa or something provoke a bigger emotional response.

Anyways this year I'm going to watch the ballet companies and if one of them put on Swan Lake I defiantly want to be there.

Here's the good twin, dressed in white.

Here's the bad twin, dressed in black.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Patent Red Leather

I copied this from another blog FASHION ADDICT DIARY I love the whole patent leather look. It's just a great way to wear these colors. I've wanted a red and purple purse for awhile and I think the purple and minty green shoe combination is great.

Reese Witherspoon looks fantastic in red and for that matter I think all blonds look great in red. I'm going to be on the look out for a red dress of some sort for my birthday this year. I'll have to see what NY has in Feb and I'm really glad red is back in style, yahhhh!

I'm forced to drive this!

I would like to complain. This is the truck that I'm forced to drive for the next 4 days. My youngest brother took my Mom's car and smoked both hers and the older brothers car so now my mother is driving my Jetta. I'm lower in the family hierarchy than my Mom so I get the crappy car. This beast of a truck is massive, I can barely see over the steering wheel when driving, and I can almost not push in the clutch all the way. I can't park this thing straight yet either, this picture is the best job I could manage all day and the brakes are all crazy and the truck jumps forward if I don't stop right. Argggg so frustrating.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Video - Cabby Living in Paris

Here is a video of Cabby eating fish, this is so cute! Click the picture below to start video...

Here is a video of Cabby eating Fish in Paris, so cute!

Cabby and her good friend Cecil in Paris, she is having a wonderful time and I keep telling her not to come home until she's completely fluent in French. She's actually working for a French company as a receptionist so everyday she's becoming more fluent.

Into the Blue

This is one of the better scenes in the Movie, Into the Blue. Right now Quentin, Tom and Jen are watching the last 20 minutes of this film but I decided to get the heck out of there. Not to ruin it but once I saw a peron with the entire portion of their back thigh eaten out by a shark I had to leave. I really hate movies for showing details like this, and now I can't go to sleep for a little while or at least until Quentin comes to bed with me. Not fun!!!! Why do tropical warm waters have to be so dangerous.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Blue Crush

This afternoon I had a very nice time watching the movie Blue Crush! Right away I saw some very familiar landscapes and I definitely recognized Pipeline were they held the major competitions. Such a nice movie whenever I miss Hawaii I'm going to watch this.

Now that I've been there and played in those North Shore waves I have way more respect for what the characters go through in the movie. Right now Quentin has a huge lump on his back from when him and I were tossed in the huge waves right by the shoreline. They are so powerful, once the wave catches you have no control how many times you flip or how hard you hit the sand. Still the same I miss the warm clear blue water. In the movie the girls are living on a budget and driving a rickety old car. I don't know why but for me that just seems like the life, I can't wait to go back.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The flu sucks

Being at home with the flu sucks! It's hard to breath, I'm either too hot or too cold, and my voice keeps changing every hour. This year I was lazy and didn't get the flu shot at Quentin's work. I won't do that again!!!!!!!!! The only nice thing is that I've taken 3 different naps today for over an hour. So if you have the chance get a flu shot please do, save yourself a few days.

New Years Resolutions 2006

This is an important list to try and write every year. I haven't really thought about it but now that I'm writing this post I will.

1. Stop drinking caffeine. This might seem minor but I've quite drinking caffeinated coffee in the morning for the last 2 weeks. I want to prevent the rush in the morning and then the low in the afternoon were all I want to do is snack on food.
2. Run in the 10km Sun Run. I want to go to the running room and sign up for a training program of some sort. I know this is going to be painful but I want cardio back in my life and hopefully my knee will be okay.
3. Work hard and do more things I'm afraid of. If it's not scarey then I shouldn't bother with it. Quality verus quantity.
4. Take more time to plan fun activities instead of letting work being my number one priority. In otherwords define my time more and stick with the plan.
5.Be a good girl in general!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

VIDEO - Partying in the elevator!

Click the picture to watch video...

New Years Video. Careful if you watch this video it's very loud and will hurt your ears.

New Years 2006

I'm getting a few inquires as to why I haven't posted New Years yet. I didn't have the internet for a couple of days but now I'm home so I won't dissapoint.

Quentin and I really enjoyed the warm weathered New Years. Hawaii is fantastic.

Bradley was the man of the night, the girls kept saying "can we marry Bradley Lisa" He kept telling the girls how hot they looked and they were loving it.

Bradley and the girls who love how sweet he is.

Us ladies posing on the balcony after spending considerble time and effort getting ready. Getting ready I usually say is one of the most fun parts of the night.

Here is Kristin after I did her hair and makeup. She was wasn't so sure about the liquid eyeliner but now I think she'll be visting MAC one day soon.

Boomer (Caroline) loved this black and white Bebe dress, she said it was incredible comfortable.

The girls went to the Guess store a few days earlier and both Kara and I fell in love with this little dress. We decided it didn't matter if both of us bought and wore it that night. It was a lot of fun.