Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tonight's Running Clinic

Tonight I ran my little heart out again with Pennisula Runners, wow what an intense work out. I might as well be asleep at Just Ladies Fitness Group Power in comparison to this. In total the instructor said we ran 7km tonight. We ran to this track did a couple laps and then started sprinting drills. We did the drills for about 30 minutes and at one point after a 300m sprint everyone was breathing so hard, it was odd yet kind of rewarding to know that everyone had pushed themselves to the brink . Half way through the drills I started to run faster toward the finish and I could just feel the endorphins kicking in, that felt incredible.
It was so dark, cold, and damp outside and all the wet trees surrounding the track had this mist that hung from them. It sounds really gloomy but with these huge lights hitting the track and trees it was very refreshing. Maybe like swimming at night in a warm lake.
Okay so now were supposed to go home and have and ICE BATH which I think is going to be torture but supposively it helps to reduce the inflammation in your legs. This is going to be hell I'm not looking forward to it. Brrrr

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Candice said...

ahhh Lisa that sounds absolutely horrible. I think I would want to take a hot bath after running in the cold..