Friday, January 06, 2006

Blue Crush

This afternoon I had a very nice time watching the movie Blue Crush! Right away I saw some very familiar landscapes and I definitely recognized Pipeline were they held the major competitions. Such a nice movie whenever I miss Hawaii I'm going to watch this.

Now that I've been there and played in those North Shore waves I have way more respect for what the characters go through in the movie. Right now Quentin has a huge lump on his back from when him and I were tossed in the huge waves right by the shoreline. They are so powerful, once the wave catches you have no control how many times you flip or how hard you hit the sand. Still the same I miss the warm clear blue water. In the movie the girls are living on a budget and driving a rickety old car. I don't know why but for me that just seems like the life, I can't wait to go back.


Melanie said...

Hey Lisa! When Blue Crush first came out, I was asked almost daily by random people at work or school if I was that girl you have in the picture! Still to this day I get asked that....I don't REALLY see it that much, but I remember in the movie whenever she turned to the side, I thought our profiles were identical....sorta interesting! Just thought I'd share that!

Lisa's Diet said...

Hey Melaine you do look her, quite a bit actually. I can totally see the resembalance.

Anonymous said...

i looooooooooove kate bosworth, especially in this movie.
please post of pic of melanie.
i lvoed her in beyond the sea.

Candice said...

haha Melanie I can totally see it!

Lisa, I want to watch that movie with you when I get back!