Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My attempt to be discovered

Oh it's been a long day. I've just come home fixed myself a nice snack, flicked on the TV and guess what American idol is on, how fitting. Tonight Chris called and summoned me to be his make do girlfriend to accompany him to the Model Talent Search Canada down in Guildford tonight at the Sheraton Hotel. Candice you owe me big time for sitting and waiting while Chris impressed the judges.
Some how I even filled out one of the forms. When I walked in the door and the girl asked me if I wanted a form I said no but Chris took and extra anyways and then after he filled out his I took the pen and filled in mine.
Well I lined up and figured out shortly before meeting the representative at the front that I wasn't 5.5 in height so I couldn't be a model and would have to audtion to be an actor. Okay so I took Chris's commercial audition sheet, folded it in half, licked it, and tore it so I could memorize the Jeans Gap commercial in time. It said,

"You know, the coolest thing about jeans is that they never go out of style. Jeans can go anywhere.... You can dress them up or dress them down. What are you waiting for? Get on over to the Gap for the best jeans today!"

People waiting in the room.

Oh it was terrible, I went infront of this guy who must have been younger than me and said, "okay I'm not 5"8 so I guess I can't be a model." He said, "okay tell me your lines", I said the first line and then froze. I tired to smile really big and he was like, "that's it, "I was like," sorry I forgot," and he said, "thanks".

We went back to our seats and this Chinese guy with a huge mowhawk and an unbuttoned electric blue shirt comes out and says, "If I call your name then you didn't get chosen but if your name isn't called you get to stay and be reauditioned. " So my name was called, oh no I was rejected...... I guess forgetting my lines didn't impress.

Chris was accepted though and we waited 3o to 45 minutes for him to be reauditioned. He even made it past the next stage and they'd like to see him at the, "big audition" in Vancouver in March when all the top agents from New York and Milan are present.

Part of the initial presentation informed us that if you did get accepted you'd have to pay $600, half tonight and half later. Chris and I devised a plan, he would give me his wallet and say he forgot it if asked to pay now. (Hmmm I wonder if Chris has ever used that one before......)

Chris owes me big time, not only did I forgo a nice cozy warm evening at home, I had to stand in line get rejected and then wait for him for an hour. Oh I'm such a good friend.

I have to get something out this so, If by any chance Chris ever makes it to the big time, then I get 2% of his first really big pay check. He said, "yah okay" as we waited.

p.s I would like to add that I really don't like the show American Idol and I'm so glad that I don't ever have to do that again, their are so many others things I personally prefer, it's so not me.

p.p.s. Their was one girl who Chris and I both thought was really good looking, a tall skinny blond and for some reason she didn't make it past the first round. It was strange.


Candice said...

Maybe that girl forgot her lines too Lisa. haha

Good for you for trying! At least you experienced it.

And there is no way Chris should pay anything. If they want someone that bad, they dont make you pay anything! I dont care who they are!!

Lisa's Diet said...

Yah maybe she did, and hey this was a good experience, it's good practice to speak to strangers. Also it was worth it just to blog the story, that's the best part for me.

Anonymous said...

Good try Lisa! Maybe you and Chris should try the Pornography Industry!

- Michelle

Lisa's Diet said...

Ahhhhhh nooooooope, no porn for me but Chris might like the compliment. I'll let him know you think he'd be a good porn star, he'll love that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, Just to clarify that comment above was not from me (jons girlfriend) I would never advise anyone to go into the porn industry! Lol... :)

Lisa's Diet said...

That's so werid but I just can't think of another Michelle, owell no big deal.