Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Our Silly Cat

Today I came home to a sick husband who will need a lot of rest and tending to for the next few days. Luckily Muffin has also decided to help by keeping Quentin warm as he sleeps, I don't think she's very sad that he came home early and has been lying on the couch all day.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Illusionist

An amazing movie, what a classic love story the type that leaves you inspired and walking around the kitchen with a big smile afterwards. I love the dark serious intense German/Austrian overtones with it's classical melodies. It reminds me that, "Yes" even my own Crouts can be romantic. You'll love it, a great movie to cuddle on the couch with!

The Illusionist

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Golden Globe Favorite!

Reese Witherspoon is always one of my favorites. I saw a brief clip of her on the news today and I immediately went to the laptop so I could get a better look at her dress. I love it, she looks adorable, this soft yellow is so great on blonds!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Hey Happy Birthday Steve

Quentin and Steve at the restaurant, why is it that guys for the most part guys hate to sit still for pics. This was the best I could do for the evening. :)

Jessica bought everyone these amazing cupcakes at a specialty shop downtown, I can't remember the name, but they were very yummy.

After we all headed to Yuk Yuk's and saw a really good show. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed a good lineup. One of the opening girls did a great bit about buying a $400.00 purse and how it was so expensive that it was all she owned, except the tissue paper inside.

Anyways what a great place to go with friends, live entertainment is definitely worth it.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mt. Baker for the day

Took this picture on the morning drive out the car window.

This picture describes the day well. Me just happy to be on the mountain in the beautiful scenery snowboarding and Andrew being the official Mt. Baker tour guide explaining in very specific detail to everyone exactly were the best runs and jumps would be.

Here's the boys coming in off a lift, Quentin Jon and Andrew. I'm just a tad slower than they are on the flat cat tracks, so I got alternate routes to help keep up the groups pace.
It was all good and such a treat to get away on a Thursday in such perfect conditions.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wind caught me today

I was out taking pictures of houses today and a huge gust caught my hair. I snapped a quick shot as the camera was already in my hand.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Dancing in Whistler

It was really fun to get out for a bit and dance to all those dumb songs that you get so excited for when their played and you're with friends.

I made a new friend, Vicky!

Sage would only come if he got to wear his blue pimp suit. Any man who's 6.4 and wears baby blue gets noticed!

Wait that's not me :)

More Dancing.

We met cute Hanna and amazing she's more into poker than Quentin! I had a really hard time grasping that one and asked a lot of questions.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cross Country Paradise

I had no idea that cross country skiing could be so much fun. What a great way to see the beautiful snowy winter wonderland. Here is Hadley and I at Whistler's Lost Lake trail.

Monday, January 01, 2007

New puppy in the family

On new years eve my parents and Bradley drove to Seattle to pick up a Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy. As a family growing up we had another Corgi named Lad for 17 years. Now Bradley decided the family was in desperate need of another dog and finally convinced my parents on purchasing a new puppy. Here we all are at my house spending our first few moments with the puppy, who Bradley wants to call Diesel??? I think that will be vetoed however, everyone seems to like Oliver.
Watch his hind legs, he's double jointed and it's soooo cute!!!

Christmas Images

Funny enough Quentin and I bought each other Nintendo's for Christmas. I wanted my ultimate favorite game Bubble Bobble and Quentin wanted the new Wii. It's been game central around here lately and really fun to have everyone over to play along with us.

My Mom loves a beautiful dining room table and will set the table a few days in advance. I've inherited this appreciation from her and thought I'd post a quick pic of our Christmas dinner table.

Girlie Game to Play!!!

My brother sent me this link, he thought I'd like it and he's right!