Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

Okay I've read 2 different posts on this movie and now I'm posting about it.

It's that good it deserves another post!

Quentin had tears in his eyes mostly because the of the last part, which I would like to say, "I saw it coming before it started!".

I loved this movie because none one was perfect but then they were perfect together, awwww! My favorite parts were watching the individual scenes were everyone would sneak a moment for that thing that wasn't particularly good for them but then they just couldn't seem to live without. Scene I keep thinking about is the moment the little sister makes the big brother feel better. Anyways this movie is worth not waiting to rent and actually seeing in the theatre. You won't be disappointed and you'll totally want your own Volkswagen van after, I swear!

p.s the little girl in the movie looks exactly like me in Grade one, I'm going to find my class picture and post it because I totally looked like her!!!

I found the picture!

I found one of Cabby too, awww seeing these pictures on my blog geez it's emotional. I remember we tried to swap glasses a few times but hers always gave me a headache.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Utralight Flight

I had a chance to go on my first ultralight flight Sunday night. It was sooooo Fun!!!!! When the plane took off right away my throat dropped into my stomach, you know that feeling! It was such a rush!

Blueberry bushes.

Cloverdale corn maze.

Quentin took this picture.

Glen flew right over me, what a pretty plane.

Can you see me in the back of the plane?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Steve and Christels Wedding

Congrats, Steve and Christel!

Here we are, we had a great Saturday at a friends wedding. It was really pretty and super fun.

K when I used my little camera to record us dancing it up at the wedding, we all had way to many drinks at the open bar and somehow I thought everything was hilarious. It's still funny though, when you get to dance with all your friends and parents at a wedding everyone gets pretty silly.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Tofino is Sweet!

I've done it! I've successfully converted the city slicker to outdoorsy water loving surfer girl, theirs no going back now Tofino has captured our hearts.

Hadley and I all geared up for a day on the water.

Those wetsuits were terrible to put on!

Another sunset picture.

Cat waiting for scraps by the kitchen. One of the chefs told us that he was a stray and we were lucky to be standing so close to him.

The beach

Heading down the path at Cox Beach

Our girly campsite.

In the setting sun.

Tail gate party at the ferries with KFC, mmmmmm!

Hanging out with the band.

Our Tofino Video

Hadley and I had a great time in Tofino, we both really enjoyed the water and sun. The second part of this video is part of the tail gate party we had at the ferries in Nanimo. We arrived at Nanimo at 7:30pm and didn't sail till 11:30pm. For entertaiment we met the guys in a big white van behind us and decided to have a mini party which included guitar playing, ciders and kfc. It made the wait so much more bearable.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Quentin turns 30!

Our Montage to being 30.

It was a party and everyone came to help celebrate, some to show off,

some to dance

me to drink

And others told crazy stories

Hadley made the best drinks, with lime, coconut milk, spiced rum and pineapple and lichi garnishes, very yummy and fun to drink!

Even my big old Dad showed up and chatted with any nice girl who didn't know any better and wandered into the living room.

Here's Jon and Michelle they're still enjoying the lovie dovie first year stage and spent most of the night like this. Notice they're wearing matching clothes.

Hanging out on the hammock

We played hot and cold with the baby pool and hottub, and Hadley has a bootie!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Surfing in Crescent City

It took me long enough to get the hang of this surfing thing, but once I figured out were I had to place my weight on the board in relation to the wave, yadda yadda, it's a catchy sport.

I was so incredible tired after playing in the waves, all I wanted to do was pass out on the sand. But what a great day on the water, it's so calm and peaceful to be out there but social as well as you have all the other surfers out on the water with you.

Making it to Cali..

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Something is very exciting about driving along the road and seeing a sign like this...

We stayed in quite a few hostels which was a bit cheaper but not much for two people. It is however fun to meet others who are traveling. It's almost immediate at hostels that people ask you were you're from and were you're headed. When I think of the nights that Quenitn and I stayed in a hotel we usually ended up relaxing in the room and watching TV. Most hostels don't have TV so you sit in the common room and end up talking. I must admit however this one particualar night in this hostel room at the Redwood forest a very nice Chinese guy unfortunatley started to snore very very loudly. Poor Quentin twice jumped down from the top bunk to shake the guys arm, it was kinda funny though, all part of the traveling experience.

We went for a very long day hike in the Redwood forest, it was just amazing because almost every tree looked like it was 400 years old and was enourmous.

Spooky forest with the fog.

We saw this guy biking up a long windy road similar to the sea to sky hwy, seemed pretty crazy.

Sand Dunes!

Quentin and I had a day at the Sand Dunes and rented these ATV's for an hour. I must admit it was loads of fun. Quentin however who is lying beside me on the hotel bed as I write this post would is reminding me that for the first half hour of the ride on the sand dunes I was really scared and told him I wanted to go back, and to that he said, "What are you kidding!!!!!!" It was scary at first because I kept getting the ATV stuck in the sand (like 5 times) and Quentin would have to lift the whole thing out of the hole I created. The sand dunes are a bit like snow in the sense that you can't really see what's in front of you, so at first I would come right up to a ridge and then slow down, which is the last place in the world you want to stop on the sand dunes. So once I figured out that as long as you only stop facing downwards and you lean back and go really fast to get up the hills it was pretty cool.

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