Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Quentin turns 30!

Our Montage to being 30.

It was a party and everyone came to help celebrate, some to show off,

some to dance

me to drink

And others told crazy stories

Hadley made the best drinks, with lime, coconut milk, spiced rum and pineapple and lichi garnishes, very yummy and fun to drink!

Even my big old Dad showed up and chatted with any nice girl who didn't know any better and wandered into the living room.

Here's Jon and Michelle they're still enjoying the lovie dovie first year stage and spent most of the night like this. Notice they're wearing matching clothes.

Hanging out on the hammock

We played hot and cold with the baby pool and hottub, and Hadley has a bootie!


Melanie said...

HAPPY 30TH TO QUENTIN! Looks like lots of fun!!

FRQSTR=18806640x201683:1:4320|18806640|18806640|18806640|18806640 said...

Happy 30th Q.

That pic of you, Lisa, is so cute. So is the one of your bro and Michelle.... How sweet!!!!


Michelle said...

Lisa, from what I remember it was a great party!! Lol..
Happy 30th Quentin!! I'm glad we could be there to celebrate with you. xo

Lisa said...

Thanks girls, we did have lots of fun!

Quentin said...

Thanks all for a wonderful time! I hope to see you all again very soon...


Candice said...

Happy Birthday Quentin!!!! Wish I could have been there, miss you guys! :)