Thursday, August 03, 2006

Making it to Cali..

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Something is very exciting about driving along the road and seeing a sign like this...

We stayed in quite a few hostels which was a bit cheaper but not much for two people. It is however fun to meet others who are traveling. It's almost immediate at hostels that people ask you were you're from and were you're headed. When I think of the nights that Quenitn and I stayed in a hotel we usually ended up relaxing in the room and watching TV. Most hostels don't have TV so you sit in the common room and end up talking. I must admit however this one particualar night in this hostel room at the Redwood forest a very nice Chinese guy unfortunatley started to snore very very loudly. Poor Quentin twice jumped down from the top bunk to shake the guys arm, it was kinda funny though, all part of the traveling experience.

We went for a very long day hike in the Redwood forest, it was just amazing because almost every tree looked like it was 400 years old and was enourmous.

Spooky forest with the fog.

We saw this guy biking up a long windy road similar to the sea to sky hwy, seemed pretty crazy.

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