Saturday, December 31, 2005

Here we are enjoying a fantastic girl day!

Another amazing beach.

We met this guy at another beach and he shared his barbaque steak with us. The locals are so freindly.

Driving all day was a piece of cake.

We saw that the boys were parked at a road side prawn and rice stand so we pulled in to join them. It was the best prawns I've ever had, we actually met up with my Dad later and drove back 20 minutes out of our way to eat it again with him.

We spent the entire day driving around in this beat up tracker jeep. They boys and girls each had their own. It was wonderful we drove around the entire island and just stopped at all the different beaches. Here is a flower we brought back to the jeep after we girls decided to stop to pick flowers growing on the roadside.
Candice and Me.


Feeling the waves.

Kara enjoying the sun

Candice's in an adorable hat!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Kara and I in the waves.

We had to take a picture with one of the surfers. It was just too much fun. The beach was filled with guys who looked like this.

Kristin the sporty girl. She loves the water and here she is checking out the waves.

Candice in a real bathing suit on a pink towel, brown and pink a great color combination.

New Swimsuit!!

I finally got my password back, those boys are terrible.

We were shopping all day, check out my new swimsuit i just bought! Candice bought some new lingerie too - check it out! We're having a lot of fun even though we've been eating a little more than usual...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Brad bought a copy of a newspaper that was printed the next day. Pearl harbor was one of the events that turned the wolrd towards World War 2. I never would have thought of the significance of Pearl harbor if we hadn't visited.

The names of all the people who died.

Memorial Garden, Tropical gardens are fantastic.

One of the ships in the Harbour.

Today we visited the Pearl Harbour Memorial. Here is Kara, Kristin and Boomer riding the boat on the way back.

Here are our Mommies enjoying the sun. They sat until later in the day when us children, came running, "Mom what's for dinner". It's amazing how lazy you can become when your parents are around. I'm very appreciate!!!!! It's like a double vacation.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Well I finally found a RED bikini and this one even has hawaiian flair. Aloha to those at home! :)

Monday, December 26, 2005

Hawaiian Luau

Tonight we went to a Hawaiian Luau at a hotel a few doors down at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. My parents said when they're married they came to this same hotel every morning for breakfast for muffins and coffee on their honeymoon since they couldn't afford to actually stay there.

The Luau was a lot of fun and I volunteered to go dance on stage once in the beginning and for the finale one of the Hawaiian guys pulled me up onto stage. Quentin video taped it and I can't help but laugh out loud every time I see this Hawaiian guy dancing circles around me. I'll definitely post the clip when I home. This old dress definitely got it's last hurrah!

Quentin was very strick with who got what drink tickets. :)

Mommy actually had one to many drink tickets, suprise suprise.

The boys wanted to take a picture with the Hula girls.

So my Dad wanted a picture too.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas Everyone

Unfortunately this is the suckiest Christmas I've ever had. I came back from my wonderful day at the beach to spend a nice quiet evening making friends with the toilet or bucket, whichever was closer. I haven't been this knocked out since I had the stomach flu when I was 10. I missed the Christmas Eve Church service and for some reason that usually really puts me into Christmas mode and lets me feel the, "Christmas Spirit". Today the only thing I have energy for is sitting on the couch while I bacially sleep all day. It's a beautiful day on the beach but I'm just starting to get energy now.
Besides that, I hope everyone at home has a wonderful Christmas, "Merry Christmas" :)

My Mom had a wonderful Christmas Breakfast for us.

Me pissed off becauase I felt horrible and wasn't in the best mood! Quentin took a picture.

At the North Shore on Ohau

Yesterday we went to the North Shore which is the North part of the island. The waves at this time of year are incredible big and powerful. Here I am at the beach were they do the pipeline competitions, you're not even allowed to go into the water here because the waves are so strong.

Bradley beside the hazardous water sign. The surf was supposed to be about 25 feet that day and behind Brad you can sort of see a wave were the the pipelines form. They had a competition the weekend before.

After we went to a different beach were it was safer and you were allowed in the water. Bradley made the comment "people aren't just falling over in that water, the're getting hammer". It was incredible fun, you would go out and try to stand up in the waves but you couldn't. The lifeguard tower was incredible strick about monitoring people. If you drifted a little to far to the left he would speak into these gigantic overhead speakers, "the people who are drifting to the left you're becoming too comfortable would you please go back to the right". You were only allowed to play in the waves on the left side. At one point Quentin and I were in the water and a gigantic wave just came out of now were and both him and I ended up doing flips as the wave broke and washed us to shore. It was insane and crazy but at the same time the most fun I've ever had at a beach. You could only stay in the water about 10 mintues until you just became so tired because it was such a work out.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Isn't this pretty, this is my favorite pool so far. I want to sneak into it one night and go swimming its just a few hotels over along the beach.

I'm hooked on these Virgin Pina Coladas. (I hate drinking alcholol when I'm in hot sun). I treated myself to one as my own little reward after I sucessfully caught two waves on a long board and stood up sucessfuly both times. Surfing is great when you realize a wave is actually pushing you. You need to paddle as hard you possible can and when you finally do get to relax and try to balance on the board even though it only 10 to 15 seconds, it's very satisfying. I figure if I can overcome whatever fear I have of the water and learn not to be seasick I can reward myself with the 7 dollar Virgin Pina Colada.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Brothers messed up my shower.

Okay I posted a nice agitated post the other day about my wonderful brothers and tonight with Quentin's help they decided to harass me even more. I was trying to have a nice peaceful shower and since the door doesn't lock Quentin decided to see what I was up too. That's fine for a moment but then I told him to get lost! He left and after a few moments the door opened and a webcam was placed on the floor. I screamed then covered it with a towel and to that heard laughter on the other side of the door. I guess they decided that harassing me was more fun than whatever else they were doing cause next thing I know PORN is being played in the bathroom speakers. I took me a minute to realize what the heck it was. Stupid brothers; don't worry I have revenge, next time they want their Mommy to do something for them like bring them a glass of juice I get to say,"Mom they don't deserve juice they played porn on the overhead speakers, punish them." Of coarse she'll say that's right and maybe if I'm lucky she'll randomly smack one of them for me.
Actually I thought the whole thing was hilarious and I won't forget that incident for awhile! p.s Michelle you should know that the obscene comments usually come from Bradley and he does it to make Jon laugh and Jon does in fact laugh but more at the fact that he can make Brad do stuff! Its just another dumb game they play.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Suba Diving for the Day

Suba diving today. We did 2 dives and it was incredible fun. I was so scared at first and didn't think I would dive but after I dropped down to 5ft on the first drive I realized that it was calmer beneith the surface than up above and after a few minutes it was great. Scuba diving is like being in space up, down, you have to watch for people not only infront and behind but above and below. We saw tons of fishes and the highlight, a baby sea turtle hiding under a rock.

After our second dive, everyone passed out on the bow and roof of the boat, the sun was on our backs it was so nice.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Our Day At Hanauma

Today we had a wonderful day at Hanauma, it's a circular shaped blue lagoon type bay with millions of tropical fish. We spent the day swimming, snorkeling and sitting on the beach. I was once again in heaven. The water was such a nice temperature, I won't call it warm but as soon as you dipped in you felt so refreshed yet warm, perfect perfect perfect.

The only annoyance to my perfect day was Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum in the back of the jeep with all their stupid jokes. It's very embarrassing when they yell out the back of the jeep, "show your tits" to innocent passing girls as I have the video camera on and I'm trying to pan the scenery. I keep say, " I wonder what my life would be like if I had sisters" probably way more civilized. The jokes never stop and their pretty much the same things, just different versions. Lord help me were going to be together for another 2 weeks still.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Ahh this picture of my parents is so cute. I guess they still like each other.

My Dad leaning off our balcony this morning! Notice the crowd of people in the background, that's a wedding. We all woke up at around 6 and 7 this morning and have had a great time discussing what's to happen on our vacation. So far not to much has happened besides the condo becoming progressively messier which has already made me agitated at my wonderful brothers. As for sun, today I've had enough as I'm very freckly and pink. Arlight time to clean up some of the messes and yell at who ever created them.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Okay our first sunset and the inside of the condo I took the sunset picture from the massive balcony.