Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What I'm reading tonight

I have a subscription to psychology today and I love this magazine. I always think that people have patterns, cycles, or internal rules, and their are so many that I'll never be able to understand them all. Psychology is a great to categorize some of them.

I don't want to post entire articles I'm just including the links instead.

Humor's Sexual Side
Hmm this is interesting, part of it says that men don't like funny women, and they don't want to marry a Joan Rivers.

IQ Intelligence: The Surprising Truth
This one is really interesting, the old debate about intelligence, there's so much to be said on this topic but very little agreement.

A Sniff of Your Sweetie
I'm a typical girl and have always done this!

Gossip's Dirty Little Secret
This is my favorite article so far. Gossip or talking about what people do is so major in our society and I really like this explanation.

This is a powerful statement, kind of the thesis of the article. Mind you when I try to think of examples that are relative to my own life I've found it's always better to be very careful what you talk about. I'd don't like talking about someone negatively, I find it never goes well and who ever you're, "telling too" usually doesn't receive and accurate perception of the persons entire character. If you're going to complain at least do it with someone smart enough who can and will form their own independent opinion. At the same time I love to know the update on people, I like to know who's doing what and were. I think this is very normal and a practical example of what the article is referring to. If you didn't care what others were doing it would only serve to disconnect.
But the truth is that people who don't gossip are viewed by their peers as
untrustworthy, unfriendly or unimportant. "You have to be a player," says
McAndrew. "If you are not involved in the gossip network, then by definition you
are an outsider." Turning a deaf ear to gossip is a shortcut to alienation.

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