Thursday, December 01, 2005

Want to be on TV

This morning after watching an interior design show on tv I went online to check out the show's website. Sometimes I think it would be so much fun to be an interior designer. Today the item that made me run to the computer and look online was a MIRROR IN THE BATHROOM THAT HAS A TV IN IT. I wish the builder of our house let us in on this option. I'm sure Quentin would attempt to do a backflip if it meant getting one of those for free, me too for that matter.

Anyways as I looked at the site more the're tons of TV show ideas that they need participants for, I might apply for one, geez that would be fun.


stephoto said...

hey lisa if u come across any good loft redecorating websites send the links my way. i get overwhelmed with how much stuff i'd like to change in our place! like the bathroom, the kitchen, patio doors, the list goes on and of course we never get around to any of it!

tracey-leigh said...

Why don't you think about getting into Interior Design? You could start part-time and gradually build up a business. You have a good eye and brilliant ideas.

Lisa's Diet said...

Yes I do think I have brilliant ideas :)