Sunday, December 25, 2005

At the North Shore on Ohau

Yesterday we went to the North Shore which is the North part of the island. The waves at this time of year are incredible big and powerful. Here I am at the beach were they do the pipeline competitions, you're not even allowed to go into the water here because the waves are so strong.

Bradley beside the hazardous water sign. The surf was supposed to be about 25 feet that day and behind Brad you can sort of see a wave were the the pipelines form. They had a competition the weekend before.

After we went to a different beach were it was safer and you were allowed in the water. Bradley made the comment "people aren't just falling over in that water, the're getting hammer". It was incredible fun, you would go out and try to stand up in the waves but you couldn't. The lifeguard tower was incredible strick about monitoring people. If you drifted a little to far to the left he would speak into these gigantic overhead speakers, "the people who are drifting to the left you're becoming too comfortable would you please go back to the right". You were only allowed to play in the waves on the left side. At one point Quentin and I were in the water and a gigantic wave just came out of now were and both him and I ended up doing flips as the wave broke and washed us to shore. It was insane and crazy but at the same time the most fun I've ever had at a beach. You could only stay in the water about 10 mintues until you just became so tired because it was such a work out.

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Candice said...

lOVE those pictures Lisa, Looks like so much fun! I hope you feel better, that sounds awful!! See you soon, we are driving to Seattlle tonight to catch our flight! :)