Monday, July 31, 2006

Coast Line at Southern Oregon


We spent the majority of today driving the coast line, and just before Lincon City the HWY turned and showed us this fantastic view. Quentin and I had to pull over to take this picture. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sunset at Cannon Beach

What a gorgeous evening!

Cannon Beach from the Hill

Textures in the Sand

Had a great time at the beaches today, our cameras were out in full force.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

First night Seaside Oregon


I get to sleep on a bunk bed tonight! Our hostel room is pretty cool 3 sets of bunkbeds but so far Quentin and I are alone in the room and we get our own bathroom and shower.
I'm sitting in the common room and a bunch of people were just finishing dinner when we came in to sit on the bean bag chairs. This young guy was giving a big talk on LOVE and how if you love someone you'll do what's best for them and let them make mistakes so they will grow. He was a younger surfer type blond guy with a big voice and apparently a masters degree and all these middle aged ladies with very short hair were sitting around him and started laughing after he finished, poor guy the women seemed too callous to be inspired. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 28, 2006

Visiting Nelson Island

This video is from a little while back and I finally uploaded it. Please excuse
the terrible dives, so embarassing. It's a great place so very natural you really feel like your getting away when you visit.

Online Web Album

Celebrity sighting - Andy Samberg

Well I had my first celebrity sighting today, Andy Samberg, in the small town of Cloverdale were I work. There's a huge film crew and their filming the movie Hot Rod, so it's really exciting to go for your lunch break. Here's a few pictures I took from behind the bush.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Really cool post!

Sharon has posted a really neat story about her and Calvin and their free diving experience in Bonair at night. They even have 3 video clips, very cool!

click here!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Polo is cool

Everything starts off with the cartwheelathon.
Ummm look at those legs, geesh....

I slept in the only shade I could find under a truck that eventually had to move. :(

Hadley got a bit looney being in the sun.

The horses were dead tired after playing for 20 minutes.

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Good picture of Hadley's Dad Garry galloping of to play the game, the horses love to run together!

Look at that stick!

It was so hot I was jealous of the horses bath.

Wraps for dinner

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Tonight was wrap night, so I made my favorite chicken and feta wraps. My ingredients.

1 Red Pepper
Red Onion
Lots of Tzatziki Sauce
Tabasco Hot Sauce

The last 2 ingredients are the most important.

I make 6 at a time and wrap the left overs in saran wrap and leave them in the fridge. They're even better cold.

Mmmmm wraps, next I want to try some sort of curry wrap, maybe with shrimp and rice.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tomatoes and Basil

These are the most special tomatoes in the world!!! Why because Quentin and I grew them in the yard. I planted the pots and he made sure they were watered every night. They tasted amazing in pasta salad way better than store bought tomatoes that have been refridgerated! I made bowtie pasta tonight and mixed in basil, chives, tomatoes, olives, feta, olive oil and salt and fresh cracked pepper. Nothing could taste better for a light summer meal.

Sick Sick and more Sick

I would just like to publicy express that I hate being sick ESPECIALLY IN THE SUMMER! I'm fighting a throat, chest, sinus infection and my energy levels are so low. I just want to go home and sleep but that's so boring :( Grrrrr the common cold sucks!

Jack Kortus

I went to visit Miranda and her little boy Jack last week. Miranda is my first childhood girlfriend to have a little baby. Here he is happy as ever in his high chair!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Playboy and Starbuck?????

Playboy will be featuring in their next issue women that work at Starbucks! Alright I worked at Starbucks for about 4 year and yes the highlight of my time there was closing shop and then all of us girls getting ready for the bar in the back room after, but playboy!!!! Actually it's pretty funny, I guess you can get a naked girl to stand anywhere!

More pics.

I'm totally fascinated!

Brittany Murphy as decided to launch a singing career and she's done it with
Paul Oakenfold and the song, "Faster Kill Pussycat". Right now for the next day or so I'm very fascinated that, "she can sing" and I love the round full bodied tone of her voice. I've always really liked Brittany as a actor with her cute witty style. She's not necessarily a "perfect/classic beauty" but I totally love that about her. Her small nature but big personality give her that interesting edge, she seems like such a fighter. The video kinda reminds me of Madonna's, "Hung Up", hmmmm I wonder were this will all lead. Well she has my attention!

p.s I wonder if the song was inspired form that old school video Faster Pussycat Kill Kill!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The blow up pool is ready to go.

Unfortunately one of our friends came over and died in the pool.

Just kidding!

Exploring Yaletown

It was an incredible warm night and Hadley and I decided to explore the scene in Yaletown for the evening.

We went to a bar at the Opus Hotel and I loved all the decor especially the bathroom, so cool!

Here's the upstairs lounge with it's colored lights. Tonight made me love the Vancouver scene just a little more.

As we were walking I couldn't help notice how stylish everyone was, all the men were dressed so well and so many of them wore really cool glasses. I've now decided that trendy glasses look kinda funky on the guys and girls too. I think it's time for Quentin and I to invest in some specs.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Find Your Name!

Quentin sent me this link, you type your name and it shows a graph of your name in relation to others and what decade your name was most popular. My name was most popular in the 60's. It's pretty cool.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hanging out at Cultus

Today I'm offically burned, so burned that my body hates me and I'm popping whatever painkiller I can find around the house to fight the migraine that's coming in behind my right eye. I was so excited to be at the lake and be able to swim and hang out on the docks but of coarse I underestimated how much sun exposure I could handle. So much for my Greek heritage, some how I was ripped off from the nice olive skin. My brothers Jon and Bradley tan way better than me and I'm left to deal with white freckled German skin, grrrrrr.
Anwyways here's a video of Jon performing a backflip off the dock, taken from Michelle's camera.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Puppy in Store

This morning I walked into Peir 1 Imports just to take a quick look and one of stores clerks saw me and said, "Come here I know you'll find this adorable." So I went over to take a look and this little girl had brought with her the smallest tinest puppy, supposively born Mothers day. I ended up visiting for a full 10 minutes before continuing shopping.

Disco Fever

I love this Disco number, I think Musa the guy is super cute and she looks adorable with her gold dress and high kick. If you're ever feeling like you need a pick me up in the middle of the day this is so the video to watch. Her dress with the sequins and the way she throws her hair around, it would be a blast being on stage like that! Except minus the final lift...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Tango

I'm new to the whole uploading video clips to google video, but I figured it out and here is one of the dance numbers from the TV show, "So you think you can Dance" which I watch and then tell Quentin to download the episodes for me so I can watch the routines again in more detail.
Ivan and Natalie are becoming one of my favorite couples to watch especially Natalie. She is smoking hot in this routine, and she has amazing flexibility. They are starting to predict that she will win. See for yourself.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Family Dinners

Quentin reminded me that I hadn't blogged in a few days so I thought I better get to it. Lucky for me I just came home from a great family dinner of steak and ribs from my inlaws house and that's what I feel like writing about.
Quentin parents are planning a move to Gibsons and after having spent almost 3 yrs living there I feel very emotional and sad to see them leave. The property is beautiful, over an acre, with grass and even these pretty nature trails in the back. I must confess however I haven't visited very frequently this last year, so now my guilt meter is high.
Tonight Quentin and I decided to visit the house for the full parental/child dinner treatment. This included not helping make dinner, but lying in front of the TV and having a nap waiting to be called to eat.... I don't know about you but I haven't done that since early high school when Mom cooked everything. So tonight instead of chatting and helping around the kitchen like I usually do Quentin and I just hung out in the blankets and waited for our home cooked meal.
When dinner arrived Quentin ate really fast and just kept mumbling, mmmm this is good. I don't know what it is but their's just something about Mothers cooking that you CANNOT replicate else were! Their are so many dishes that mothers make that you can try so very hard to master but in the end you just need to surrender to the fact that your version will always be slightly different. Makes Mom's that more special.
After we ate dinner or (supper), we didn't really help clean up either. Instead I just asked in that very sweet daughter in law voice, "oh is their any milk" for the cup of coffee that you just brought me. I was a lazy suck and since we hadn't been for so long, we were welcome to it.
Anyways I will really miss having my inlaws so close, it will be hard to see them leave the local area although I know now I'll now have a reason to visit Gibsons way more often.

Here's a picture of just the yard were we used have parties and play volleyball with a floodlight

Thursday, July 06, 2006

This story is Sad!!!

So today I was driving to Guilford heading east on 80th around 128th and I saw a mini Doberman Pinscher dart across the road and nearly miss his death. I pulled over the car and thought I have to get this dog in my arms and take him to the SPCA. So I followed the young dog down a path on the opposite side of the road were there was sort of a grassy land under the hydro lines. The grass had grown tall so I couldn't see the road once I was 50 feet in.
I saw the little dog and he saw me, and instead of running towards me he ran further down the path away from the road. I got down low to the ground and whistled really loud with my fingers to see if the thing would come back. Well nothing at first but eventually it did come back but darted at lightening speed past to an adjacent path which ran back up to the road.
I started to walk slow because I didn't want it to think I was chasing it and onto the road, and then all of a sudden I heard a huge bang/yelp at the same time. :(:(:(
I started to run down the path and then came up to these two survey guys and pretty much yelled at them, "did the dog get hit" and one of them pointed up the street closer to my car. (Thanks buddy!!!)
So the little puppy was lying on the road and I as I saw this huge 1 ton truck drive closer to it I totally pointed with my with entire arm so the truck won't drive over it, the driver slowed down and watched were he was driving. I came up to the little thing and I new instantly that that was it, their was no chance. I picked him up and he was so warm and put him to the side and then I called 911.
I should have called the operator but I was shaken and the dispatcher put me through to police who put me through to the SPCA emergency line. The SPCA took my name and number and said someone would be there shortly to pick it up and not to stay.
I left the poor thing in the grass, and I hope the owner finds out soon what happened, their is nothing nothing worse than losing your pet and not knowing.
Argggggg to all you who read this don't ever buy a Mini Doberman Pincher, and I'm blogging this as some sort of moment of silence type thing to recognize the little dog. I feel terrible maybe I shouldn't have gotten out of the car but unfortunately I think it would have been hit regardless, still I'll never know.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Nelson Island

This was taken on the ferries through the window at 7:30am as the crew did drills, I just happened to be sitting right in the window and had to take pictures as the boat lowered.

Quentin took these two pictures on the ferry.

Hanging out in the tent, baby asleep!

At the lake at Nelson Island, it's super warm to swim in!

Making waves in the lake.

Amanda uses this cloth wrap around thing to hold Talia, it's very cute and she instantly falls asleep in it.

Cute family, Amanda, Jerin and Talia.

Look at that hand

Hanging out with Dad

After dinner it was great to lie on the warm rocks and enjoy the view.

Boat passing by just after sunset.