Thursday, July 06, 2006

This story is Sad!!!

So today I was driving to Guilford heading east on 80th around 128th and I saw a mini Doberman Pinscher dart across the road and nearly miss his death. I pulled over the car and thought I have to get this dog in my arms and take him to the SPCA. So I followed the young dog down a path on the opposite side of the road were there was sort of a grassy land under the hydro lines. The grass had grown tall so I couldn't see the road once I was 50 feet in.
I saw the little dog and he saw me, and instead of running towards me he ran further down the path away from the road. I got down low to the ground and whistled really loud with my fingers to see if the thing would come back. Well nothing at first but eventually it did come back but darted at lightening speed past to an adjacent path which ran back up to the road.
I started to walk slow because I didn't want it to think I was chasing it and onto the road, and then all of a sudden I heard a huge bang/yelp at the same time. :(:(:(
I started to run down the path and then came up to these two survey guys and pretty much yelled at them, "did the dog get hit" and one of them pointed up the street closer to my car. (Thanks buddy!!!)
So the little puppy was lying on the road and I as I saw this huge 1 ton truck drive closer to it I totally pointed with my with entire arm so the truck won't drive over it, the driver slowed down and watched were he was driving. I came up to the little thing and I new instantly that that was it, their was no chance. I picked him up and he was so warm and put him to the side and then I called 911.
I should have called the operator but I was shaken and the dispatcher put me through to police who put me through to the SPCA emergency line. The SPCA took my name and number and said someone would be there shortly to pick it up and not to stay.
I left the poor thing in the grass, and I hope the owner finds out soon what happened, their is nothing nothing worse than losing your pet and not knowing.
Argggggg to all you who read this don't ever buy a Mini Doberman Pincher, and I'm blogging this as some sort of moment of silence type thing to recognize the little dog. I feel terrible maybe I shouldn't have gotten out of the car but unfortunately I think it would have been hit regardless, still I'll never know.


Michelle said...

Oh my god Lisa, that is such a sad story!! I would be traumatized if that happened to me...Aww, poor little puppy:(

share said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :( That is devistating! I thought the story was going to have a happy ending. I'm so sorry this happened. You were only trying to help and it wasn't your fault. That must have been so scary and sad for you :(

T said...

You were only trying to help. This isn't your fault.

I hope you were able to sleep ok last night.


Lisa said...

Yah it did suck, it was such a dumb dog, made me so mad!

Green Squiggly said...

my moment of silence

stephoto said...

i have been in a similar situation and pulled over when i saw a dog crossing king george hwy... he was running around frantically and some pedestrians actually caught him. but i have to say that it is so worth the effort because when my dog was running frantic in traffic - someone stopped their car and tried to catch her and even tho it didnt work it made her turn off the busy road and on to a quieter one. if that person never opened their car door, poki might not be here!

Susanne said...

Ah well, there probably wasn't much you could do.