Saturday, July 29, 2006

First night Seaside Oregon


I get to sleep on a bunk bed tonight! Our hostel room is pretty cool 3 sets of bunkbeds but so far Quentin and I are alone in the room and we get our own bathroom and shower.
I'm sitting in the common room and a bunch of people were just finishing dinner when we came in to sit on the bean bag chairs. This young guy was giving a big talk on LOVE and how if you love someone you'll do what's best for them and let them make mistakes so they will grow. He was a younger surfer type blond guy with a big voice and apparently a masters degree and all these middle aged ladies with very short hair were sitting around him and started laughing after he finished, poor guy the women seemed too callous to be inspired. Posted by Picasa

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omg I layed on that exact beach in summer after i finished grade 10... i had to swear a sweatshirt while tanning because it was so windy. i loved seaside oregon...... i always tell people to go there, Lisa!!! and you are there,,,, and i'm abit jealous.
tee hee


post more pix!!!!!!