Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Nelson Island

This was taken on the ferries through the window at 7:30am as the crew did drills, I just happened to be sitting right in the window and had to take pictures as the boat lowered.

Quentin took these two pictures on the ferry.

Hanging out in the tent, baby asleep!

At the lake at Nelson Island, it's super warm to swim in!

Making waves in the lake.

Amanda uses this cloth wrap around thing to hold Talia, it's very cute and she instantly falls asleep in it.

Cute family, Amanda, Jerin and Talia.

Look at that hand

Hanging out with Dad

After dinner it was great to lie on the warm rocks and enjoy the view.

Boat passing by just after sunset.

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TopCat said...

Hey Lisa

That was such a lovely thing that you did. To stop and try and save the dog while so many other people just drove by not caring. You have such a good heart x