Thursday, September 29, 2005

Drinking Raki

Ta Da Quentin has finally setup video hosting and he edited this first one. Here is my cousin Kostas and I sampling pear Raki with my neighbour Stan.

Having Lunch at Charlie Don't Surf Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The boys fighting to finish my Bollionise which was so good.  Posted by Picasa

My neigbbour Stan is the best, he had myself and Kosta very tipsy at 4 o'clock today with his pear moonshine.  Posted by Picasa

Head Spin

How to Break Dance

Hi Kosta this picture is for you, nice jeans by the way.  Posted by Picasa

Text Messaging

For some reason it's not working on my phone, I'm not receiving any of my texts from 2 people now.

The End is Coming

Did any of you grow up in Christian families were they believed that the end was very near. You know were one day a Christian and non Christian would be seated side by side and all of a sudden God would take all the good Christians to heaven. Then their would be 7 years of torture before the end.
I haven't really gone to church much as an adult but Jon said to me yesterday, "do you remember when the end was coming." I think the Christian community used to talk about that a lot and not so much anymore, I wonder what happened.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Taking a portrait

My friend Calvin is wonderful at taking portraits of people, here's an article he wrote regarding.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Check out these pictures of Brad and Angelina with their mock family. For some reason I was very fascinated with these pics, they are both such incredible good looking people you kind of just want to stare. Both of them are kind of off too, a little weird and maybe that makes them even more attractive. Like these pictures of them hanging out like Mommy and Daddy to all these kids!!! Jennifer Anniston commented oh how Brad was insensitive to do a magazine article so soon after their divorce, and I can't help but agree.
Take another look at Angelina, she is too skinny, she kind of looks like skin and bones in one of the pictures. You kind of look at them and think they are awful people how horrible for them to be together, but at the same time you're sort of fascinated by the fact that they don't appear to care what anyone thinks and in some way that makes them even more interesting.

2 Funny Quotes regarding marriage

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.

If you want your spouse to listen and pay strict attention to every word you say -- talk in your sleep.
(Oh how true is this!!)

House Music

This is a new thing for me, listening to radio on the computer. This is really good background music, it has a beat but no real lyrics so you can have a conversation while it's playing. I put it on the house speakers through the radio transmitter, it will be perfect for the next house party.

I'm sick of boys

Okay I come from a house of 2 brothers who I get along with great but now that I have a very fun loving cousin it's becoming boy central. Now that they are all together they constantly speak of women. Girls they like, girls they hate, girl friends they have, girlfriends they don't have, girls they wish could have, the list goes on and on. Today their was an big discussion as to the benefit of synthetic boobs and how they are the best thing on the planet and ever guy likes them. Okay enough already I've never really felt that insecure but I think by the end of the week I'm gong to need special counseling. Help!!!
Okay I feel better I just needed to vent.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

My Grandfather Melton

My Grandfather died about 5yrs ago and he was from Greece originally. Having my cousin here is an incredible reminder of him and Kostas has very similar mannerisms. It's hard to describe but the way he speaks is similar, the things he accentuates in the tone of voice, its very familiar to me somehow. I'm reminded how Europeans are unique, the things they consider important are different. Take careers and work for example, my uncle asked me how my job was and I said good, he then asked, "are you happy" we don't ask the here, it's usually oh well how much can you make if you keep doing that. Posted by Picasa

This picture pretty much sums up my night, Kostas and the elders just relaxing on Granville while Brad got completely hammer. Brad was on his own little planet along with the Bus load of drunk Trinity friends he brought along. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Here's a better pic from the Airport Posted by Picasa

Granville Island was really nice today. Posted by Picasa
p.s You can't tell me that my little brother isn't extremely photogenic and would make a perfect model for Abercrombi & Fitch

My Uncle Tasso's and his wife Vivi. Posted by Picasa

It's funny how someone can live so far away but when you're together you realize how much you have in common. Posted by Picasa

Apparently girls at the OB are no longer required to wear actual tops. Even I was suprised when she walked by. Posted by Picasa

I have a new nickname, "The Manager"

Because I'm slightly bossy, well someone has to keep everyone in line and organized. So now my cousin is saying, "okay manager" when ever I tell him to do something. I'm going to try to be more tackful but it's hard. :)

Friday, September 23, 2005

Kostas and I

So far tonight, I've learned that sliced orange goes good with Rum and Coke, thanks cousin.

My Family Greeting my cousin Kostas at Vancouver international arrivals. It doesn't say welcome to Canada in Greek. Posted by Picasa

I think we're alone now

I love this song, "I think were alone now" Tiffany is the best and I have to appreicate anyone who trys to dance to it.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurricane Rita

Quentin and I are having a wonderful sit in front of the tv and just watch the news or whatever comes on tonight and we start watching yet another hurricane. For some reason though I sat their watching for awhile and thought oh their just replaying old footage from hurricane Katrina and CNN has shortened the name to Rita. I mean I don't know what I was thinking but anyways ANOTHER FREAKING HURRICANE. Those poor people I feel terrible for them.

Mars is becoming increasingly bright until Halloween.

Why I Hate Beauty

This title caught my eye, it's basically a male complaining that the reason he's lonely and single is because he has unrealistic physical expectations of a partner. Regardless it points to the argument of comparison stating you only look as good as who's standing next to you. It's an interesting read but from a woman's perspective I don't think what seems obvious is necessarily true.

My place is to the right of the house with the round pool in the back. Pretty neat a friend took these. Posted by Picasa

This is my subdivision. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hanging out at Mayne Island for the weekend.

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Thanks Calvin and Sharron for inviting us to Mayne once again, and thank you thank you Cal for taking the time to take so many pictures and for making us look fabulous. It is always such a treat and we all have so much fun together.
Candice has more pics

Mayne Island won't be the same without some good old modeling. Posted by Picasa

Flicking the hair Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday Sharon :) Posted by Picasa

In the Gazibo Posted by Picasa

Pictures in the Grass

Okay some of the pictures didn't work out at all....... Posted by Picasa

I want to kill a mouse. Posted by Picasa

This picture of Jon and I is hilarious, I think he's trying to make fun of me. :) Posted by Picasa

I took this picture, it was Sharron's Birthday this weekend. Posted by Picasa

On the way to the Cabin really nice sunset in the background.  Posted by Picasa