Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Eye Color

Last night we were watching this medical drama tv show and this lady is a patient with a tumour and her husband comes in and shows the doctor a picture of their 6 children and begs the doctor to help them. The doctor tell the husband to get the wife to come back to the hospital. Once the woman comes back the doctor shows the pictures of her children to her and says he's not the father off all these kids. She confesses!
So how did that work, I'm thinking back to Grade 12 biology the whole dominate recessive gene thing. I think if 2 parents have blue eyes and the baby has brown then you know the Dad was someone else. That's the only combination that I remember. So I have hazel eyes my Mom has blue my Dad Brown. I guess my parents couldn't agree on a color so they gave me a bit of both. Quentin's Mom has Brown eyes and his Dad Green and him blue. I think both his parents were the carrier for recessive blue. I haven't figured this out yet I need to read some more but it's sure interesting.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Her lips are lumpy and look gross, when I'm a mom I'm not going to try to look as young as my daughter. I never want to look young but seriously weird and deformed at the same time.  Posted by Hello

Priscilla Presley - Is it just me or does the Mother almost look better than the daughter, who looks younger I can't tell. Posted by Hello

Lisa Marie Presley I would like to point out that Lisa is the daughter and at least 20 yrs younger.  Posted by Hello

Monday, March 28, 2005

Quinny found a toy in the grocery store, so cute but the'res no way we're buying it.  Posted by Hello

I helped Cabby move today it was fun finding old clothes. This bathsuit was hilarious. Cabby my dear only in your closet!!!! Posted by Hello

Rain Rain

What to do when it's 100 percent downpour..... I'm supposed to help Cabby with a garage sale today but it's simply not going to happen! If everything is getting cleaned outside then I should attempt to clean inside, we'll see I guess.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

I love huckabees

We just watched this silly movie, I loved it. I liked how it dealt with depression. Marky Mark was so cute in this movie, but he reminded me of that cute guy at Camp who would go on an on about some issue. You never really did know what he was saying but as long as he was charming enough you'd stick around for awhile.
Anyways watch it on a Sunday afternoon it's entertaining.
I think it's an incredible coincidence that the main detective lady has the exact same camera as me and that they had the same black fridge as in our kitchen.
Hmmm the lady has the same camera as me, and I like to take pictures of people.... What the heck does that mean.
Be warned Quetnin's parents turned off the movie cause they though it was to weird.

From a mass Email sent out.

"A true friend is someone who thinks you are a good egg even though he knows you are slightly cracked"

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Eggs craved with lasers Posted by Hello

Ying Yang

Happy Easter

I thought I should say something about Easter. I feel really disturbed this year that all over the media are pictures of people hanging or nailing them selves to crosses. Some lady in Florida is apparently starving herself to death on the cross. I couldn't read the article it bothered me so much.
If you died up there on the Cross I think God would slap you upside the head and say what the heck did you do that for we have that covered. I guess you could make a plead that it's reminding people of the original sacrifice. However, my point is that it's a waste of energy to nail yourself to the cross, after your done your hands will have to heal and I think God would prefer you to make some dinners and hand them out down town to all the homeless people. Won't that be more productive!!! Remember when the disciple said to Jesus how shall we love you when your gone, and he said feed my sheep, not nail yourself to a cross.
It's sad because their are a lot of good devote mentally stable Christians around the world who live a quite respect and service to God. These cross nailers make the rest of Church seem crazy even though you see the disclaimer at the bottom of the pictures, "the church doesn't condone this action".
These people who are nailing themselves to the crosses are just trying to win the who's holier contest. They figure that if they do this they will get all this attention, and they do, and that forever and ever they will be considered the holiest and best Christians in the world.
Last night we went and saw a Chinese acrobat Ballet, and in one of the first acts they rolled the Zen sign around and then did handstands on top of it. So as I'm watching these little Chinese people do incredible combination balancing acts I just thought what do they believe over there in China and what's the whole point to the Zen sign. I know it has something to do with a bit of evil in good and a bit of good in evil, when I asked my Mom about this as a child I was told they were wrong, why was never explained.
To this day I really don't understand that whole Zen concept I've never taken the time to really read about it, but I do remember being at Trinity and we took Eastern world religions and I did notice a huge difference between the Eastern and Western concept of living and religion. The east seemed to have an aptitude to the inner strength and making personal sacrifices for the community as a whole. The oriental culture is big into personal sacrifices to preserve honor.
I haven't really thought about this in a long time but I wanted to note that I think spirituality should be more of an internal private relationship that we develop with God instead of a public affair to see who gets the most attention.
Happy Easter.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Cabby, Martinni and White Chair Posted by Hello

Luke in Red Hot Pants! Posted by Hello

Friday, March 25, 2005

Gotta Have Shades Posted by Hello

Poker Night Posted by Hello

Video Hosting

I'm sitting at home just relaxing, today I had to drive all over the place to show some lovely townhouses. We didn't find that special one today though.
So I'm checking out all these other blogs and some peoples are so colorful and filled with lots of fun features. I still haven't figured out how to host videos. Every once in a while when I remember I pester Quentin to teach me how to. Hosting vidoes he has informed me is a big huge complicated process and then he sort of turns and runs away when I ask him more questions. I have a feeling that if he thought it was cool enough he could figure it out in a day. Instead he tells me just enough white lies to make me stop and think, so I'll leave him alone until the next time I remember to ask him.
Anyone else might go okay fine and figure it out on their own, which is something I'm googling whenever I'm in the mood. I did find a few placed that will host video's but guess what they charge a monthly fee and as soon as I msn Q that I might want to sign up for video hosting I get a huge, NOOOOO, don't pay for anything. If fact he gets up of his computer and comes down stairs just to make sure I wasn't seriously considering it.
So at this rate I'm never going to figure out how to host videos.
I have all these funny titles in my blog from Miami were I was going to post videos later and it bothers me that I never did. I feel like it's an incomplete project.
So if someone can direct me to a site that will show me what do that would be wonderful, thanks.

Miranda 5 and a half months pregnant. You look gorgeous Miranda.  Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I think the husband just came home!! If I saw that in the street I would be terrified he'd fall but trying not to laugh. What a picture!  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I'm now 27 and it's pretty good, not to bad at all. I was reading a US today magazine the one with Dennise Richards who just divorced Charlie Sheen, they had a picture of her and all these other celebirty ladies going out in a van to hit the town. They were probably having some drinks and went to a restaurant. I just liked how they were older and still having fun. So as long as being older means you don't sit at home doing nothing I'm happy.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Eve of my 27th Birthday

Tomorrow I'm 27. I've never been 27 before so I can't say what it will be like but I'm positive the next year will tell me. To celebrate a whole new year for me I painted my toes a new color. It's peach and it's called Melon of Troy. Sorry that I posted a picture of my toe but their was no other way to show the true color. By the way the color is by OPI which is the only polish I'll buy now.
I was just thinking what the heck did I learn this year. I would say lots but of coarse I can't talk about all of it on a blog.
I have to confess that internally I've been sort of hyper ventilating about that number 27. I think I had a few dreams about it and I've been trying to tell myself that I'm already 27 just so I could stop thinking about it.
For all of you out there who are older than me I know I get no sympathy.
So what are the positives about getting older, well the more you experience things the more you know what you like and don't like. I've heard that statement for years growing up and I think I actually get it. I remember when I was 16 and people were like your so young you've never experienced anything. I hated it when older people said that.
So I'm really lucky cause I have a whole new year ahead of me and 26 years behind me to help steer me in the correct direction as to what I do and don't like.
Oh and I bought myself a wonderful green purse!

Melon of Troy Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Shayna Posted by Hello

Matching! Posted by Hello

Picture Posted by Hello

Amanda looking Hot! Posted by Hello

Kimmy were going to miss you. Posted by Hello

Shannon because you would be disappointed if I didn't post this picture.  Posted by Hello

were still feeling the buzz Posted by Hello

Friday, March 18, 2005

This is fermented plums he had just put his hand in it and told me to smell, ewwwwww I wish I hadn't. Posted by Hello

In his garage he makes all sorts of stuff, from Brandy to moose sausage, he gave us some sort of wild meat once, I think it was moose also. Posted by Hello

What is this!!! Well I'll tell you, it's my Ukrainian next doors neighbor's Plum Brandy distillery. He's making his Brandy for the summer. Posted by Hello
The Plums are boiled in the be bin, the steam travels to the little one, cool pipes condensate the alcoholic steam and you can turn on the tap over the white buck to get your Brandy.