Sunday, March 27, 2005

I love huckabees

We just watched this silly movie, I loved it. I liked how it dealt with depression. Marky Mark was so cute in this movie, but he reminded me of that cute guy at Camp who would go on an on about some issue. You never really did know what he was saying but as long as he was charming enough you'd stick around for awhile.
Anyways watch it on a Sunday afternoon it's entertaining.
I think it's an incredible coincidence that the main detective lady has the exact same camera as me and that they had the same black fridge as in our kitchen.
Hmmm the lady has the same camera as me, and I like to take pictures of people.... What the heck does that mean.
Be warned Quetnin's parents turned off the movie cause they though it was to weird.

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shannon said...

I just watched this movie last night - wouldn't recommend it to everyone, but aren't the concepts/ideas intriguing? I loved it!