Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Eye Color

Last night we were watching this medical drama tv show and this lady is a patient with a tumour and her husband comes in and shows the doctor a picture of their 6 children and begs the doctor to help them. The doctor tell the husband to get the wife to come back to the hospital. Once the woman comes back the doctor shows the pictures of her children to her and says he's not the father off all these kids. She confesses!
So how did that work, I'm thinking back to Grade 12 biology the whole dominate recessive gene thing. I think if 2 parents have blue eyes and the baby has brown then you know the Dad was someone else. That's the only combination that I remember. So I have hazel eyes my Mom has blue my Dad Brown. I guess my parents couldn't agree on a color so they gave me a bit of both. Quentin's Mom has Brown eyes and his Dad Green and him blue. I think both his parents were the carrier for recessive blue. I haven't figured this out yet I need to read some more but it's sure interesting.

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