Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Bebe Dress for $19.19

Today Susi and Christine found a knock off of the dress I have pictures off on my blog and they both liked it so much that each of them bought the same one for $19.99. The dress is a knock off from a Bebe dress bought a few years ago.

Our Night on the Town

Hello don't we look cute, here's us at the The Crash Mansion in New York city, we had a ball.

I thought I could dance but really I can't, well not in comparison to this culture. I would stand around our table area and sort of bob up and down like I usually do at clubs and put my hands in the air at the appropriate times but these black people have a whole other thing going on and I didn't know what to do. I mean I have rythym and can hold a beat, really I can, but these black guys actually dance better than you and the women that are used to them give them sort of show. I'm sorry but I didn't have any clue how to do the showly little butt dance, that seems a little too like, wait what are you doing aren't you both strangers to each other.

Ummm I thought I had an nice bottie, but I'm was out bootied many many times last night.

Her outfit was kind a cool so I asked if I could take a picture. This girl could really dance.

p.s I would like to note that Christine is a terrific dancer and totally knew what she was doing last night. I'm so glad we had a dance instructor there to explain what was going on.

p.p.s We met a party of people who were celebrating a birthday and I got called Kim! I just had to note that. :)

Another note: First guy I talked to was in line at the bar with his nifty Canon Camera and I had to ask him what model it was and then see the look of suprise when I told him which one I'm using. He handed me his buisness card with his site (which isn't working yet) Oh and the Canon camera is hard, I still haven't got a clue what I'm doing yet.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday Night

Tonight we're headed to a real live New York club and I'm very excited. I haven't gone dancing in months so this should be good. Last night we went to East Village and to a little cafe/bar to a poetry slam. It was incredible cold outside and we had to wait in line outside for 30 minutes but once we finally got inside and heard the first person speak we all agreed it was totally worth it.
The poetry slam had about 4 different people get up on this little stage and tell their poems. Their was a white guy from Jersey, a really big black girl with a British accent, a black rapper guy, and another black girl who was skinny with long braids that were died bright red. The first poem we heard was from the Jersey guy and it was about our vain love of the material. Later the same guy told a poem about a girl he totally had a crush on and how he texted messaged her all the time and but was so nervous when he actually saw her for real. I know your thinking oh poems, lame.... But really the reading were very intimate hearing the poems out loud by the author it's like trying to compare reading a song on paper as to actually listening to an artist singing it live. The artist put so much personality into the poems, it was so touching and you really felt like you knew them. I thought at one point, wow I can't believe they are so open and just let everyone in on what their really thinking.
A few other poems that were funny were from the big black lady, she devoted an entire poem to how she loved to look at other women's asses and then she started comparing the different ones. She's like, "I'm not a lesbian I just really appreciate the female form" and then as she's leaving she's like" yah here you go check out mine when I leave". After the MC got up on stage and started telling about how him and his wife play the game of three, when they driving and see three girls walking they pick out the best ass of the three. The whole place was in stiches laughing it was so funny. Of coarse you have to be there because poetry reading and comedy is all about how you present it, the tone of voice and personality. Their were other serious poems too, the girl with the red hair talked about how disappointed she was because of a love that went sour, she seemed really really upset I think she almost started to cry. There were judges in the audience with score cards as well and after each performance they would hold up their score cards with marks up to 10. In the end the black guy won, and rightly so. His words just flowed when he spoke. Everything sort of rhymed really well, I have a new appreciation for rap/poetry, kind of like Eminem when he gave his big rap performance in his movie.
Anyways I'll have to check to see if they have poetry readings in Vancouver!!!!!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

First Day in The Big City

I'm exhausted tonight, we literally walked from 10am till 8pm. We did come back to drop off our bags but wow what a day. I maybe bought to many clothes but everything was on sale and very well priced. I'm a bargain shopper and love to hunt and find something to for less.

Here are our pictures for the day. This fancy camera that I'm using is wonderful in it's glory but I'm still having a hard time figuring out how to use it properly.

Christane and I eating breakfast at the deli, yumm I love New York delis they have anything you could ever want they are the best!

Susi and Christane

We spent a good hour at the Mac store and Susi got the full makeover.

Building pictures, the sky was so blue today and it was freezing cold.

This was on the subway today, I had to post it.

Say Hello to Christiane! The dance instuctor who's to figure out were we're to party tomorrow night!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

First Night Here

Well tonight we've all just arrived it's 9:18 and my cousins are totally asleep and I'm trying to be tired and fall asleep. We went to dinner at a funky pub tonight and watched figure skating among other sports. I'm sad cause Sasha didn't win but the Japanese girl is beautiful skater too so I didn't mind so much that she won.
So far we're planning to shop tomorrow morning, see a modern art museum in the afternoon, then maybe comedy or poetry club at night. I never thought I see a poetry reading so this should be interesting.
I have to remember that Quentin isn't always by my side for the next 5 days. Tonight as I took a bus from the airport I got off at one stop and needed to wait for a second stop. An old Italian guy my Dad's age asked me were I was headed and were both going up the same way. So he's like we should take a Taxi, you can come with me and I'll drop you off first. I was like okay that shouldn't be too expensive, he said don't worry about I'll pay. Great thanks!! I should have known better as soon as we were in the cab he started asking me all these questions and then for my cell number since he'd seen me playing with it on the previous bus. I felt bad and actually did give him the right number but told him I was with my cousins and would have to ask them if it would work with their plans before agreeing to go out for dinner with him and his friends Saturday night. So what do you all think innocent old man who just wants someone to talk to, or dirty old pervert with ulterior motives?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Heading to NY tomorrow

Well I've never gone on a trip all by myself, so tomorrow will be the first time I fly anywhere without family or husband. I will be meeting my cousins from Germany but since I haven't seen them in years they don't count.
So the night before I'm feeling kinda a scared, silly but I feel a bit of stress. Also the missing factor usually happens with me right away or before I leave. Whenever I go on a trip I usually miss everything at home right as I'm leaving but after I'm there and having a good time it seems to go away. Once I leave NY I know I'll be talking about how great NY is again and how I miss it there.
Okay I'm going to go watch TV on our couch I'm gong to miss our green couch this week. :(
Stay tuned I should be able to post while I''m there!

Snowmobiling on the Street.

Don't ask how but I just had my picture taken on a snowmobile on the street were I live. I learned that snowmobiles are very loud make lots of noise and even sparks when they are on the road. Looks like fun though and I'll have to try it on snow one day.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sasha Cohen 1st heading into the long.

Tonight Sasha Cohen is 1st after the short program at the Olympics. The women's competition is unbelievable as everyone is skating clean. It's so exciting to watch because artistry and style become crucial. Sasha Cohen is a gorgeous skater, she's as close to a ballerina on the ice as you can get and I love her for it.

This picture was shot for Vogue!

Sasha is the type of competitor who performs better with some pressure. This is a great picture with her game face on. Go Sasha Go! I hope you beat the evil Slutskaya.

Monday, February 20, 2006

New Blog

Okay finally this is so overdue, I found a template were I could post my own tulip picture at the top and I changed the entire blog. This was a huge ordeal for Candice and I as we literally sat in the kitchen from 4:30pm till 9:30pm playing with Templates. Kinda stressful but very fun and worth the effort. Check out Candice's Blog too.

p.s okay I love the look of this blog but the comments are broken. :( Quentin will try to fix it but if not I'll have to go back. :( :(

Silly joke I love!

What did one tomoato say to the other?

Go ahead I'll ketchup up with you later!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Weekend Highlight!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to receive photography training from none other than my favorite photographer Calvin.

After much discussion I started to understand aperture and shutter speed. Calvin showed Quentin and I a little trick with our figures to demonstrate how opening the aperture lets less objects in your field of vision be in focus, very neat.

Quentin trying out a camera, I think you can see a sensor screen in the lense.

Sharon heard it all before so she played a Ukilalie that was very out of tune.

Here is my cat Muffin so pleased that we were all spending the entire afternoon in the living room with her.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Moments of Indecision.

What should I do tonight, I'm right at the point in the evening were I could either run upstairs and get ready to go to the Standard (nightclub) in New West with Candice or stay in and be mellow. Quentin unexpectedly needed to go into work on a Saturday night to fix the server room at his work. :( Damn computers isn't that the whole point of them to run in the back ground and make life simpler, yah right.
If I decide to run upstairs and get ready for the Standard, I'm guaranteed to stay up late, have fun, dance, and maybe have 2 Rum and diet cokes depending. The cons are, Quentin whether or not he admits to it only had 4 to 5 hrs sleep last night and at some point his mood will be affected, I have to meet a client at 11am and don't want to be tired. The big con is that I'm heading to New York on Thursday and wanted to stay in and reserve my energy and money, however now that I'm sitting here for Saturday night after having a cozy night by myself on Friday night it's not so cozy anymore, more boring.
For my own personality, I don't know why but I feel a bit of anxiety with the thought of making a decision when really this should be very simple and I shouldn't need to stress over it.
With any decision their is the who's going factor, like if Quentin comes home and say he doesn't want to go but Chris says he will, then should I go????? Chris might want to stay later and then I'll be mad if I'm stuck at a crummy bar but if he's having a good time he'll make me wait. If Quentin goes then at least we'll have the husband wife rules of accommodating each others needs and I get to go home when I want.
I could also drive to the Standard by myself and just meet up with Candice and Ola and it would be a solo adventure since I won't know anyone and would be driving by myself and parking the car by myself etc.. I think I'm a big time sheltered married girl, if I was single I'm sure I'd have no problem traveling alone. You don't see Carrie from Sex and the City afraid to meet her girlfriends because she has to drive alone.
I know one day I will re read this and I wonder what I'll think of it. Will it be, "I shouldn't have wasted my time fretting about small decisions?"
Oh no I feel the lazy factor settling on top of me, it's now 8:11pm and I'm sure Quentin will be home at 8:30 and I bet anything he will talk me into watching a new movie. With a movie I'll be in bed before midnight and then I can get up early and take pictures in the daylight. I must mention that I had a huge tutorial with Calvin today and learned about aperture, shutter speed, histograms, light sensors, camera mechanics and much more.
Oh I still can't make a decision I guess I need to go upstairs and see if I have any clothes that are clean and look good. That's a huge factor I will not feel excited to go out if I don't have anything good to wear, it just makes the whole experience less fun.
At this point I don't know what I'm going to do, but I wonder why hell I'm so indecisive, were does this come from.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Canadian Olympians I know

Tonight I'm glued to the TV, because the ice dance competition is on, actually it's very annoying because they show the different events randomly in segments so I have to wait all night to make sure to see all the competitors.

Tonight I'm waiting patiently to watch Megan Wing and Aaron Lowe. I actually used to skate them at Sunset Arena in Vancouver back in high school. I had to be at the rink at 6am Thursday mornings for years and the 3 of us with our coaches were the only ones there. They were so good then I'm lucky to have been able to train with someone who actually made it to the Olympics. I'm glad all the hard work and dedication has paid off for them, and I get to say I know someone at the Olympics.

SLR Time

Quentin came home with an SLR camera today the Canon EOS 20D, so I'm in 7th heaven and running around the house tonight taking pictures. Wow it's amazing!

Me checking out dinner in the oven.

You can see my contacts. (Well maybe not to well but I liked the picture anyways)

The rose on the island from Valentine's Day is my favorite subject right now.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sharon took fantastic flower pictures.

Wow Sharon went to Queen Elizabeth Park to take pictures today and this is what she sent me, so gorgeous, I love them.

This flower seems to have a sparkle.

The lady bugs are so small.

This looks like a pair enjoying the sun together.

Wow I never thought I'd be so into pictures of flowers and plants but I think the're so cool.

Kitty sleeping by the fireplace.

I took pictures of our kitty Muffin yesterday who was sleeping by the fireplace. It was very hard to take a picture of her though because every time I laid down beside her she would get up and try walking around my head and prrr. In the end I put my camera on underwater mode and it made everything look red.

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Canadian Olympic Team

Here's a picture of the Olympic Canadian Team. For the last couple nights I've been watching the Olympics which is so addicting. I'm so fascinated watching all the sports and how the athletes are in such top condition. I mean the Olympics shows the maxium of what human body is capable of.
The big event that I'm looking forward to seeing is the female figure skating long program. I think Sasha Cohen is going to win, but we'll see.
Alright back to watching women's snowboarding half pipe competition, I can't believe how high these girls fly.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Party Crashing

Last night Candice and I and the boys decided to crash a party, so basically we knocked on the door of someones house who none of us knew and just hoped it was okay because one of Candice's friends was already there.

Auh that was funny I haven't done that in a long long time. It worked out well and was fun until my poor husband became extremely sick and needed to be taken home, poor guy!

Oh here is my Dad at the boat show, hanging out and really wanting to buy a new fishing boat. I don't know why he finds fishing so exciting!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Read, "Go Fug Yourself" today

I click on this website every once in awhile when I need a laugh and today I thought it was so funny. Especially the bit about Britney Spears being needed to fatten up Sheryl Crow and Danni Ray putting her peaches back in the can!!!!! Oh and Indie Arie is complimented on her beautiful dress. I have to tell you I saw her sing live on Oprah once and the performance gave me chills.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Campbell Valley Park

Today Sharon came to visit and we went to Campbell Valley Park for walks and to take pictures. We found so many interesting things to take pictures of and we talked a lot about macro pictures and how to make something smaller look bigger.

Here's a tree stump, this made me think of Lord of The Rings, like it's a secret tower.

Same idea with this one.

Sharon took this, I love how soft it looks.

Close up of a tree trunk.

First leaves of spring.

The duckies were all paired up, swimming together as couples, such a romantic pond. Spring is closer than we expect.

Feeding the horse a carrot.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pinks New Video

Click on the title to watch Pinks new video, it's pretty funny when she washes the car like Jessica Simpson.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill did their first TV interview with Oprah today and then sang their new little song, can't remember the name. After they cooked chicken and dumpling together in a TV imprompt show. Of coarse everyone thinks that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are so adorable, but when I watched them in the kitchen cooking I couldn't help but laugh, Tim made all these bad derogatory jokes while cooking and Faith just went from one annoyed look to the next. Oh it was hilarious.

They own a farm together, how fun would that be. Superstar during the day live on your farm on the weekends.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Here we are at Mayne

Group picture of us 4.

Calvin debating some answer from Scategories.

It took me a few turns to figure out how to play the game since I didn't feel like to pay attention when Calvin explained the instructions. Quentin challenged him to explain it in 3 sentences or less and I was just confused.

The storm killed this plastic table and chairs.