Friday, February 24, 2006

First Day in The Big City

I'm exhausted tonight, we literally walked from 10am till 8pm. We did come back to drop off our bags but wow what a day. I maybe bought to many clothes but everything was on sale and very well priced. I'm a bargain shopper and love to hunt and find something to for less.

Here are our pictures for the day. This fancy camera that I'm using is wonderful in it's glory but I'm still having a hard time figuring out how to use it properly.

Christane and I eating breakfast at the deli, yumm I love New York delis they have anything you could ever want they are the best!

Susi and Christane

We spent a good hour at the Mac store and Susi got the full makeover.

Building pictures, the sky was so blue today and it was freezing cold.


Candice said...

I cant wait to visit New York! I also cant wait to go bargain shopping in the States next month when I get to Florida.

Kara said...

Hi Lisa! Look at me being all technologically advanced and posting a comment on your blog... I am, like, soooo good! I'm heading out to Standard tonight and I was so excited to call you and force you to wear your slutty black dress (that matches mine, of course!) and then I came on here only to realize you're out of town :( Oh well, I hope you are having an amazing time over there. I'm super-duper jealous! Have lots of fun.

Lisa said...

Oh Kara thanks for posting, aren't I proud of you. As for the slutty black dress, well yes I would love the opportunity to wear it again, but I think I'll wait for my moment this summer when it's warm and and I won't have to wear goosebumbs as the main accessory. Oh and my brothers can't be there this time!!!