Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sasha Cohen 1st heading into the long.

Tonight Sasha Cohen is 1st after the short program at the Olympics. The women's competition is unbelievable as everyone is skating clean. It's so exciting to watch because artistry and style become crucial. Sasha Cohen is a gorgeous skater, she's as close to a ballerina on the ice as you can get and I love her for it.

This picture was shot for Vogue!

Sasha is the type of competitor who performs better with some pressure. This is a great picture with her game face on. Go Sasha Go! I hope you beat the evil Slutskaya.


Lisa said...

test again

FRQSTR=18806640x201683:1:4320|18806640|18806640|18806640|18806640 said...

is slutskya evil? omg, i never knew that.

p.s. i can't decide who i like better, oksana (in her prime) or sasha. what a wicked night in skating eh?
i was on the edge of my seat.

i sometimes get this feeling that emily hughes could get a medal too like her sister , when no one was expecting it.