Monday, February 13, 2006

The Canadian Olympic Team

Here's a picture of the Olympic Canadian Team. For the last couple nights I've been watching the Olympics which is so addicting. I'm so fascinated watching all the sports and how the athletes are in such top condition. I mean the Olympics shows the maxium of what human body is capable of.
The big event that I'm looking forward to seeing is the female figure skating long program. I think Sasha Cohen is going to win, but we'll see.
Alright back to watching women's snowboarding half pipe competition, I can't believe how high these girls fly.


Candice said...

Lisa I love watching the Olympics too! I was so excited the first day to see our Canadian girl win gold in the mogul skiing!

Melanie Catherine said...

Yep I agree ladies! The olympics are great!!

t said...

Yay, Jeffrey Buttle got broze for canada.
Lisa, are you unable to breath when you watch the skating?
i was gasping for air before we found out Jeff won bronze.
i can't wait to see Megan Wing and Aaron Lowe. I knew them when i was younger.
i actually phoned Aaron once, cuz my friend that i skated with had a crush on him.
ha haha
back to it.
gooooooo canada

t said...

Jeff is adorable.
i have such a crush.
oops, my bad?
signed, much older gal.

Lisa's Diet said...

That's funny T I totally knew Arron and Megan I used to train with them at 6am Wednesday mornings. Wow they made it to the olympics, good for them, I can't wait to watch.

t said...

wow, ok i didn't know them 'that' well.
i mostly knew them because they competed against my friend and her partner all the time. wow, they seem very sweet. i wonder if they are 'together'.

p.s. sasha has lost alot of weight. i saw no muscle on her in the last competion she was in. i wonder if she was ill