Saturday, February 18, 2006

Moments of Indecision.

What should I do tonight, I'm right at the point in the evening were I could either run upstairs and get ready to go to the Standard (nightclub) in New West with Candice or stay in and be mellow. Quentin unexpectedly needed to go into work on a Saturday night to fix the server room at his work. :( Damn computers isn't that the whole point of them to run in the back ground and make life simpler, yah right.
If I decide to run upstairs and get ready for the Standard, I'm guaranteed to stay up late, have fun, dance, and maybe have 2 Rum and diet cokes depending. The cons are, Quentin whether or not he admits to it only had 4 to 5 hrs sleep last night and at some point his mood will be affected, I have to meet a client at 11am and don't want to be tired. The big con is that I'm heading to New York on Thursday and wanted to stay in and reserve my energy and money, however now that I'm sitting here for Saturday night after having a cozy night by myself on Friday night it's not so cozy anymore, more boring.
For my own personality, I don't know why but I feel a bit of anxiety with the thought of making a decision when really this should be very simple and I shouldn't need to stress over it.
With any decision their is the who's going factor, like if Quentin comes home and say he doesn't want to go but Chris says he will, then should I go????? Chris might want to stay later and then I'll be mad if I'm stuck at a crummy bar but if he's having a good time he'll make me wait. If Quentin goes then at least we'll have the husband wife rules of accommodating each others needs and I get to go home when I want.
I could also drive to the Standard by myself and just meet up with Candice and Ola and it would be a solo adventure since I won't know anyone and would be driving by myself and parking the car by myself etc.. I think I'm a big time sheltered married girl, if I was single I'm sure I'd have no problem traveling alone. You don't see Carrie from Sex and the City afraid to meet her girlfriends because she has to drive alone.
I know one day I will re read this and I wonder what I'll think of it. Will it be, "I shouldn't have wasted my time fretting about small decisions?"
Oh no I feel the lazy factor settling on top of me, it's now 8:11pm and I'm sure Quentin will be home at 8:30 and I bet anything he will talk me into watching a new movie. With a movie I'll be in bed before midnight and then I can get up early and take pictures in the daylight. I must mention that I had a huge tutorial with Calvin today and learned about aperture, shutter speed, histograms, light sensors, camera mechanics and much more.
Oh I still can't make a decision I guess I need to go upstairs and see if I have any clothes that are clean and look good. That's a huge factor I will not feel excited to go out if I don't have anything good to wear, it just makes the whole experience less fun.
At this point I don't know what I'm going to do, but I wonder why hell I'm so indecisive, were does this come from.


Melanie Catherine said...

Best of luck with your decision Lisa! Ha! I myself, am off to Mirage tonight, sorta hoping Candice and Ola might end up there! If that's what they decide maybe I'll even see you too! Hope you have a good night, whatever you decide!!! :-)

Lisa's Diet said...

Oh I just finished watching the movie Princess Bride with Quentin, I'll save the clubbing for NY. It's cold outside tonight I didn't feel like going out there.

Anonymous said...

We've all been there! Saturday comes along and you feel like you need to go out just because. Everyone else is partying it up and you don't want to miss out.

If it makes you feel better, I went to be at 9:30 last night. Well I tried to go to bed. I couldn't sleep because i'm not used to sleeping at that time. By the time I dozed off it was like 11:00. I knew I had to get up just before 6:00am and wanted to have some energy. I'm off to the spa show today!


Candice said...

Hi Lisa

Don't worry! Ola and I didnt even end up going out. We came home for dinner and turned on the tv and before we knew it we were all comfy and feeling tired, so we just stayed at home.

We were laughing about it because the same thing happened last friday at my house. We were all dressed up and ready to go and then fell asleep watching a tv movie.

PS... There will be no staying at home the night we go out before I leave. Also, have you thought about your bday>??

Susanne said...

Hehe, I liked this post. Very 'everyday-stream-of-consciousness'.

Lisa's Diet said...

I know how often does your mind do this about the smallest things, I bet my thought process is up to 50% of this stuff.