Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Snowmobiling on the Street.

Don't ask how but I just had my picture taken on a snowmobile on the street were I live. I learned that snowmobiles are very loud make lots of noise and even sparks when they are on the road. Looks like fun though and I'll have to try it on snow one day.


Andrew said...

You look damn good on my sled!
Have fun in N.Y

Your friendly neighbor.
P.S-Q. please send my love to all the girls at Crazy Horse in Vagas! *wink*


Lisa said...

Hopefully it will snow this year still and we can go on neighborhood snowmobile rides. We'll have a garage/hotchocolate/it's snowing/snowmobile rides party!!!

Cal said...

Lisa -- Those are seriously fun machines... I took out a 550 Ski-Doo last Friday to Whistler and had such a blast. I can only imagine how fast that 800 could be!!

Lisa said...

I'll invite you to the snowmobile street party next time it snows. :)