Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saturday Night

Tonight we're headed to a real live New York club and I'm very excited. I haven't gone dancing in months so this should be good. Last night we went to East Village and to a little cafe/bar to a poetry slam. It was incredible cold outside and we had to wait in line outside for 30 minutes but once we finally got inside and heard the first person speak we all agreed it was totally worth it.
The poetry slam had about 4 different people get up on this little stage and tell their poems. Their was a white guy from Jersey, a really big black girl with a British accent, a black rapper guy, and another black girl who was skinny with long braids that were died bright red. The first poem we heard was from the Jersey guy and it was about our vain love of the material. Later the same guy told a poem about a girl he totally had a crush on and how he texted messaged her all the time and but was so nervous when he actually saw her for real. I know your thinking oh poems, lame.... But really the reading were very intimate hearing the poems out loud by the author it's like trying to compare reading a song on paper as to actually listening to an artist singing it live. The artist put so much personality into the poems, it was so touching and you really felt like you knew them. I thought at one point, wow I can't believe they are so open and just let everyone in on what their really thinking.
A few other poems that were funny were from the big black lady, she devoted an entire poem to how she loved to look at other women's asses and then she started comparing the different ones. She's like, "I'm not a lesbian I just really appreciate the female form" and then as she's leaving she's like" yah here you go check out mine when I leave". After the MC got up on stage and started telling about how him and his wife play the game of three, when they driving and see three girls walking they pick out the best ass of the three. The whole place was in stiches laughing it was so funny. Of coarse you have to be there because poetry reading and comedy is all about how you present it, the tone of voice and personality. Their were other serious poems too, the girl with the red hair talked about how disappointed she was because of a love that went sour, she seemed really really upset I think she almost started to cry. There were judges in the audience with score cards as well and after each performance they would hold up their score cards with marks up to 10. In the end the black guy won, and rightly so. His words just flowed when he spoke. Everything sort of rhymed really well, I have a new appreciation for rap/poetry, kind of like Eminem when he gave his big rap performance in his movie.
Anyways I'll have to check to see if they have poetry readings in Vancouver!!!!!!

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Susi said...

Perfect description of the whole atmosphere!! I loved it!