Sunday, July 31, 2005

Remember to wait until your bikini top drys before putting a shirt overtop.  Posted by Picasa

Out on the water. Posted by Picasa

I came out to the dock because some how my Mom had them all in deep conversation. So my Mom!!!!  Posted by Picasa

Ahh Quentin took this picture but I don't think he noticed how I looked in the picture. Posted by Picasa But Steph you look hot so no problem :)

Mommy came to visit and share some of her green bean wisdom. My parents couldn't handle the fact that we were at Cultus without them. :) Posted by Picasa

Hanging out the next day they played popcorn poker. Posted by Picasa

This is a sprinkler head!!!! Quentin and I left the rave early because it was dumb. When we came back to the cabin it was locked. So we had blankets and slept on the front lawn. At 4 the sprinkler head went off, so we moved to another part thinking we were safe. An hour later another one went off nearly missing us. At 6am Mrs. Puleo opened the back door to let air into the cabin and just as she did another sprinkler went off right under my matress. I had to put my hand on it and told Quentin to run with the blankets into the cabin.  Posted by Picasa

The only girl DJ actually her music was really good. Posted by Picasa

Hmmm interesting.  Posted by Picasa

The line was huge people waited for hours, we pushed through the line. Posted by Picasa

The girls were wearing stupid outfits. Posted by Picasa

We went to a rave, in Chilliwack, I was the sober one so I had to follow very fast on the HWY in Quentin's car to the party. Posted by Picasa

Playing at Cultus Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 29, 2005


Everyone say hello to Jack. He was born last night and weighs 8lbs. Hello Jack.

He is so incredibly tiny, and his hands were all wrinkly. When Quentin and I arrived he was just taking his first number 2 and we were kindly asked to wait in the hall. Luke said he will never forget that we arrived just as he was....
I'm so excited for them, and good job Miranda, 30 hrs of labor isn't easy.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

At the Boathouse last night I took a few pictures.

Nice Kate

Goofy Kate

Sweet as Pie Jolene

Kimmy Ready to order.

Kevin in blue and orange

Lee who said, "Hi I'm in a bad mood tonight"

Monday, July 25, 2005

What is wrong with this picture!!!

Despite my husbands best intentions to do the dishes tonight he mistakenly placed my favorite salad bowl in the dishwasher that has a heat cycle at the end. Let this be a reminder to all that when wooden bowls, especially ones that are cherry and given to you as a wedding present by your uncle, are heated they shrink and warp. Stupid Bowl! Posted by Picasa

Too Hot To Eat

The radio announcer said it was too hot to eat as I ate my lunch on my back deck! Is that possible, I don't think it's ever to hot to eat!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Okay tonight was the highlight of my bikini career. After open house we went to the beach, upon arriving home a car just pulled into the driveway. It ended up being a couple in their mid thirties who really wanted to see the house. I was totally put on the spot but whatever work is work and my clothes were upstairs anyways, so I showed the house. I staged this picture after cause we all thought it was so funny.  Posted by Picasa

Joe made Green curried chicken thighs for dinner, it was the best barbaque chicken I've had in a long time. Joe also described in detail the art of Indian cooking, and were getting next lessons the next Saturday afternoon it rains. Posted by Picasa

Joe demonstrated how he looks sexy leaning against the glass he provided for Jerin's house. Posted by Picasa

Chilling on the patio outside Posted by Picasa

Tonight we had dinner at Amanda and Jerins after I did open house. Posted by Picasa