Monday, February 28, 2005

It's hard to see but this is the Versace house. It looks like a mini castle up close. Posted by Hello

Guys on beach.  Posted by Hello

I want lights like this for my deck. Posted by Hello

The boys bought cigars, I had to choose between color and sharpness for this pic and I decided on color. Posted by Hello

I usually hate busy paintings but this I liked. Posted by Hello

Another building Posted by Hello

I need a tripod so I can take clearer night shots, the buildings and colors very modern looking. Posted by Hello

This is a very common outfit in store windows, all the Latino girls strut their stuff in these little outfits. Yikes to busy for me. Posted by Hello

Art Deco is the theme here and the buildings have colored lights that change, I feel like I'm walking around in an art museum Posted by Hello

Biker Guy in Cage Posted by Hello

Jonny and Brad coming back from a walk on the beach. Posted by Hello

The view from the apartment that we hung out at was awsome, you could see the city and the beach.  Posted by Hello

Me and Quinny when I could still stand!  Posted by Hello

This hostel had a TV room that would be a great place to watch movies today. Posted by Hello

Here are the objectives. They were really nice and held my hair when I was at my worst. Good thing these chicks are way smarter than my idiot brother. Posted by Hello

Jon and his buddy who reminds of Puleo, very social always chatting up the ladis. Last night they had only one objective in mind and I got really tired hearing about it.  Posted by Hello

They told me this was the sex room, and they had a wheel that you spin or something, I don't know if I believe them or not, but I thought I'd take a picture anyways. Posted by Hello

Last night we went to another hostel to meet people and it was georgeous, I was really impressed.  Posted by Hello

Monday Morning

I'm in my hotel room recovering from the previous night. I feel like I was poisened, I guess I had some really strong drinks and I'm not used to that so it hit me really hard. It was a great place that I was at and I ended up on the bathroom floor, making friends with the toilet and in the end Jon and Quentin really did have to carry me home. I couldn't even walk!! It wasn't fun and today I'm not in the mood to go anywere, I need to just sit and relax.
Jon wants to go to the beach later to swim so I want to save my energy for that.

Motor Bikes in Cage 3

Motor Bikes in Cage 2

Motor Bikes in Cage 1

Will try to add the video clips later, the bikes went upside down.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Here we are leaving the Bike show..... In motion. Posted by Hello

Hot Dog thingy, I don't really understand it. Posted by Hello

Jon love Monster Garage, Freddy these pics are for you. Posted by Hello

Vrooooooom Vroooooooom Vroooooooom Posted by Hello

Greg and me biker style !!! Posted by Hello

I actually liked riding a bike and this helmet would be perfect for me, only 40 bucks. Most people don't wear one. Mom I told Jon I would buy him a helmet but he told me no and to stop being so pushy...... What can I say. Posted by Hello

He looked even better with a biker Cap :) Posted by Hello