Sunday, June 24, 2007

Kevin and Kim's Party

I had fantastic time being really really silly at Kim and Kevin's White Trash Birthday party, last night. And I've decided I'm never growing up, silliness forever, or at least on Saturday nights.

Darcy showed up with the best accessory, a cassette walkman, awesome!

Shannon had the best red pants!

Jolene was picked up at 108th and King George for the event.

The best White Trash couple, Shannon and Darcy!

Toronto for the Weekend

Thanks to Candice, Quentin and Herbal Essence, the shampoo company. I had the chance to visit Toronto for the first time. Candice and I really loved it! What a fun city, with a great night life and excellent shopping.

Part of Herbal Essences trip we won included a night at the Much Music video awards. So Candice and I shopped from the moment we arrived and she picked up the cutest yellow dress, perfect for summer what a great find!

Pink pumps, they look fantastic but hurt like hell. I've decided I will one day start my own line of beautiful stylish but danceable shoes. Their has to be a way!

Me taking pictures.

CN tower, we had lunch up there.

Video Candice put together of our trip, thanks Candice!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hands down he's the cutest!

I ran into the cutest little guy today, but when no one was watching we caught him being a little icky! I snapped this picture really quick before he was snatched off to be sanitized by Mom.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Paris Je T'aime

I'll be heading to see this film tonight, I know it will make me miss Paris.


What a great movie! It reminds me to feel happy and appreciate being in love.

One particular part of the story is about the man who's about to leave his wife in a restaurant and then... Actually I don't want to ruin it, but after the movie, the director of this segment was in the audience and she stood up and did question and answers after, which was very very cool. She said she grew up were they filmed her particular segment and in a restaurant were she used to work a man would always come in and he looked like he was going to leave his wife, so she decided to make a film about it.

Natalie Portman is in another segment, and she of coarse is adorable! I love how's she's just so young and fresh and has the biggest reactions for everything.

Paris itself was beautiful in this movie, I thought they showed it perfectly, and I thought the mail lady was hilarious with her terrible accent. I can only imagine how I must have sounded, with my few random fracais words.