Sunday, June 24, 2007

Toronto for the Weekend

Thanks to Candice, Quentin and Herbal Essence, the shampoo company. I had the chance to visit Toronto for the first time. Candice and I really loved it! What a fun city, with a great night life and excellent shopping.

Part of Herbal Essences trip we won included a night at the Much Music video awards. So Candice and I shopped from the moment we arrived and she picked up the cutest yellow dress, perfect for summer what a great find!

Pink pumps, they look fantastic but hurt like hell. I've decided I will one day start my own line of beautiful stylish but danceable shoes. Their has to be a way!

Me taking pictures.

CN tower, we had lunch up there.

Video Candice put together of our trip, thanks Candice!

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or the CN tower......