Saturday, July 01, 2006


Last night the challenge was for me to get huge massive hair, which doesn't happen very often. Fortunately I'm lucky enough to have a friend who used to do hair and makeup on the set of commercials so I put her to work!

She put beer in my hair! Tons and tons of Beer!!!!! We used a spray bottle and drenched every piece of hair in beer and hairspring and then went to work drying it. p.s I think the bedhead bottle is pretty funny.

To speed the drying process Hadley used a garbage bag, tore a few holes, to let the air blow through and also used a tea towel and elastic band to attach the blowdryer to the garbage bag.
Only thing is that it took a very long time to completely dry my hair and it would have been better to leave it for 4 hrs to air dry. Hadley insisted that the rollers were completely cool before taking them out as otherwise the hair would change shape.

Quentin was an excellent husband making sure the channels were sufficiently changed at the right time so we could watch all the best shows. Thanks honey!

Voila here we are being posers before we head out the door. Thanks again honey for helping us with the pictures.

Before we went out to the Granville street clubs we visited Hadley's friends apartment downtown in a new building and I spent a huge amount of our visit being a bit antisocial and just staring out the balcony to the city below. My camera doesn't even give it 5% justice as to how cool it was. The city was, busy and glowed with all the different colored lights, it was breath taking! I'm about a 6 out of 10 on the whole afraid of heights thing and at first I could only be near the back of the little balcony leaning up against the building but I think it just made the experince of standing their more intense. One day I'll own an apartment downtown I just have to!!!!

Me being a goof at the Roxy, Hadley's friend worked there so I got to stand on a little stool and dance around for awhile. I never had an actual job in a bar, but now I think it would be fun, for a few weekends anyways. You'd have your own little station and people would come up and talk to you, plus you'd make money instead of spending it!

Here's another one being behind the bar, maybe it would be fun to own a bar one day like a tropical one on a beach, you'd have a change to talk to the different people traveling everynight. Remember that movie Cocktails with Tom Cruise, that would be fun!


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Lisa your hair looks awesome.

p.s. seeing you and your friend Hadley in those amazing dresses made me quickly stop eating cheeses right now.
so Thanks!!!
te hee


Christiane said...

I love the hair (did it smell like beer?). Actually I love the whole outfit. You & Hadley really look like models! And let me know when you gonna open up that little beach bar. I might wanna join you ;)

stephoto said...

hey you guys look great - and i have to also comment on the bedhead bottle - my mom has that same one and i think it was one of the funniest stories hearing her describe the packaging to one of her friends!

Lisa said...

Nope the hair didn't smell like beer at all, Chirstiane you so have to try it. I'd recommend leaving it to dry all day though. Ha ha yes I could so see you loving the beach bar, wouldn't that be fun!

Candice said...

I am also with the beach bar idea! Maybe a place that sold $1 margaritas!
P.S. you guys look gorgeous! Lisa, I miss our little photoshoots!

Melanie said...

Hi Lisa! Love the hair! I have that same Bed Head bottle, I've been using that product for years. I love it! Hee hee!!! =)

Lisa said...

Thanks girls, lately I've been in total dress up mode. Candice I hear you about the photoshoots, we'll do another when you get back.