Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Snack Alert

For all of you out there who are maybe like me and sometimes stand in front of the kitchen extremely frustrated because their is nothing GOOD to eat, especially after you just finished watching a movie..... I found something.

Apple Chips & Brie Cheese!

You have to have at least a quarter of the brie cheese wheel in one hand and then other hand gets to feed you apple chips as you slowly eat your brie. It's kinda like the bitter after too much sweet, great combination.

Rosenborg Brie, Danish Camembert
Senca, Apple Chips

I think this is a perfect snack combination, enjoy!

p.s Unfortunatley this will not help your stomach look flat and non bloated


Shannen said...

Apples (Green Granny Smith are the best) and peanut butter.... cut apple into wedges and dip / scoop into peanut butter... same idea to mix sweet with salt! Maybe slightly less fattening that brie although not much! But great combo Lisa!

Hadley said...

Chances are, if it doesn't leave you feeling bloated, it tastes like crap... I'm having cheese for lunch - thanks for the inspiration! I say, eat away and don't feel bad. (Remind me about this later, Lisa when I'm trying to squeeze into that blue dress).

Candice said...

I love Brie Cheese!