Sunday, June 25, 2006

My First Polo Game

My first time riding a polo horse, thanks to Hadley's Dad. (As I write this post I keep saying to myself "Marko")

Beautiful Polo horse with his red protective gear to cover his legs.

We had a very German picnic with lots of cheeses and bread under the white tent.

I was lying down in front of Hadley to take the above picture, it was so nice I didn't want to get up.

The Polo game is actually very quick because the horses tire easily especially in the heat. The field was so long and flat, very nice to relax beside.

Later on some friends brought this neat looking old school car.

After we went to another house and I couldn't believe it they had an actual pig roast. I didn't think I'd like it but the rib meat ended up being so good, I happily ate way to much.


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Hey, German must be in the air, Lisa.
I went to a wedding today and the bride is German.... they did some German customs they performed, too. It was very neat. check out my blog, the bride was beautiful.

hot weekend, eh?


Lisa said...

It was so hot, Quentin and I are just so exhausted from the sun and heat. Glad it's Monday and we can sit inside. :)

Hadley said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. The photos turned out so well! I love the one of you laying on the blanket. You reminds me of Marilyn Monroe in a very rare photo I have. I can't find it online, so when I find the photo journal I've got it in I'll scan it in so you can compare the two.
Polo happens every weekend, so you're welcome to join us anytime!

Hadley said...

...and clearly, I can't type. Please delete that "s" after "remind"... I'm so smrt

Cadence said...

hey lady,
I'm glad you had fun at polo, my dad's been nagging at us for years to enjoy ourselves at his sports haha. Though, I do really like watching his tournaments, the sound of hooves is pretty freakin sweet.
P.s. you're quite the photographer.

Susanne said...

How bizarre! It looks fun though.