Sunday, June 18, 2006

Strawberry Picking in Langley

Today was so beautiful and warm out, so we headed to the fields for some fresh berries.

We searched and hunted in the many rows looking for our little treasures.

This took the prize for the weirdest strawberry!

Hmm here's Sharon and her sister Rachel eating what should be in the buckets. We all ate so many strawberries that I felt sick after. They were so incredible juicy and ripe it was impossible not too.

We were all having such a wonderful time until some people decided that throwing strawberries was more fun than actually picking them. Of Jon coarse used me as one of the preferred targets. But I kept telling him that his aim sucked and he couldn't throw, so I guess that didn't help the situation.

Calvin was hit and had to rely on relocating to more peaceful parts of the field to avoid being a target.

The boys didn't spend much time gathering, more using the strawberries as weapons and hunting each other.

Here's Jon after Quentin pegged him back. Notice the bloody looking fingers on the side of the picture!

Jon and his bucket as we were about to leave.

Heading home with our treats.


stephoto said...

mmm... strawberries, my fav!

Michelle said...

Lisa, you know what to

Lisa said...

Okay Michelle it's removed :)