Thursday, June 15, 2006

I would love to be a dancer!

Here's the new TV show that I'm very interested in at the moment. Last night Quentin and I watched the 2 hrs special for, "So You Think You Can Dance". The show has progressed beyond the audition stage and they've selected 10 different couples of varying styles of dance to perform pas de deux (fancy way of saying duets). So last night I kept getting more and more excited as the couples presented their numbers. They had a beautiful waltz to Enya, (I didn't even realize Enya was to three counts), and it was so elegant and beautiful, for some reason I remember that number the most. They had a ballet dancer do a disco dance with this guy Jayzm Tuaileva and it was like watching John Travolta swinging around a cute ballet dancer in a red hot sequined dress. They kept telling her to stick her bum out more, but of coarse in ballet it's the opposite your supposed to be as tight as possible so I thought she looked even cuter trying to relax and let lose. My fantasy at this point would be to sneak back stage and try on all those little dresses and dance around for a few hours with a camera and maybe some wine. Hadley I know you'd be with me on this one, how fun would an afternoon of dress up be.
Another really good number was the opening hip hop with Benji Schwimmer the champion swing dancer. He did a hip hop number which was very much out of his style but he did such a fantastic job because he has such sharp intense moves. I don't really know much about Hip Hop but I think I heard on the show it's about, " hitting it really hard and then relaxing" k I that sounds kinda yah.... but at least now I understand how a hip hop routine is suppose to look. It has really intense moments were the dancer looks like they're doing something that's 100%, intense for them, like maybe hammering a nail into a board could be a practical comparable, and then the relaxation after. This could be only one style of hip hop though cause I think I've seen other more fluid robotic type routines as well. Anyways before we went to bed I was trying to demonstrate to Quentin my ability to do that hip hop move were you sorta punch your fists out and towards your chest really fast and then rest of you body tries to follow. I think I got it mostly down and hopefully he was slightly amused before falling asleep.
I'll try to find some video clips of the numbers.

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Quentin said...

I was definately amused... :)