Thursday, June 15, 2006

Steak is so Good!

Quentin wanted to take me out for dinner tonight and thought Fish and Chips, but somehow on the way out I changed the dinner location to the Keg. I just want to say that I had a huge craving for one of those classic steak dinners with the Caesar salads as a starter for $23 and it was sooooo sooooo good. I had the teriyaki steak with a baked potoato with everything on it and it was so satisfying to eat those two foods side by side. That was the best meal I've eaten in awhile! So if your driving by the Keg remember it's really really good and for $23 to not have to cook and clean, it's so worth it once in a awhile!

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shannen said...

He Lisa - Hilarious - My sister, my Mom and I went to the Keg Thursday night as well! We celebrate each others birthdays with one of my aquafit classes followed by a big steak!! My mom always gets a classic dinner and I usually go for a steak and seafood combo! Last night I had lobster - it was so amazing! Great minds think alike? Say hi to quentin! Hope you guys are both doing well!!