Sunday, June 11, 2006

Kits Beach

Today a bunch of us took a trip to Kits beach which I haven't been to in a long time. It's so nice and busy down there, I love all the activity and being able to people watch. I even had a chance to play some volleyball with a circle of people just hitting the ball back and forth with my feet in that nice soft sand, so nice!

Hadley and I in the back of Chris's convertible on HWY 99, we spend most of the drive trying to figure out how to tie our hair back so it wouldn't become one big massive knot.

This weekend I'm at odds with nature as just as I walked by the ice cream shop a bird pooed right down the front of my shirt and on my arm and I once again had to take off my shirt and this time go wash it in the sink, yuck!!!

Mmmm I actually didn't get around to trying the ice cream, but I will next time.

I'm very excited to hit the beach this summer and play some ball!

Then after hang out and maybe have a barbecue! For some reason I'm very interested in buying and organizing camping gear right now and tomorrow I want buy those portable grill barbecues at Canadian tire for hopefully $30ish.

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