Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Strawberry Pie

After the strawberry picking I had way to many strawberries and I needed something to make with them. So I decided to attempt my first pie ever. My mom of coarse has made us a billion pies as we were growing up and because she always made her own crust they always tasted so much better. I too now have attempted to make my own crust, even though it took me over an hour to figure out how to get the dough into the glass plate, (I figured out later I added too much water and the flour was sticking to the cutting board, grrrrrr)but it tasted so much lighter and fresher to have made my own crust!

p.s Something I thought about as I was making this pie today. I woke up this morning put on my lulu lemon gear and was gearing up for a run this morning, then I didn't go. So I decided to leave it on because I was planning on delivering flyers in the afternoon, but then that was cancelled. Now I'm back on some sort of calorie restriction although I haven't really decided which diet to pursue at this point. But wouldn't it be great if just putting on my workout clothes somehow caused me to lose weight. Like maybe if I wear them I'll just eat less because I'm more conscious of the fact that I'm supposed to be exercising and losing weight. So maybe that's going to be a part of my new diet, purchasing lots of nice workout clothes to lounge around the house in.


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Lisa, that pie looks so yummy.

Thanks for the diet and exercise tip. I'm going to wear my work out gear more often. Also, after seeing Oprah yesterday, all those skinny gals in the gear that O 'shops in, sleeps in, hangs out in', made me want to buy that gear those models were wearing. did you see it?
so yummy.

That's your second diet tip that inspired me.

The first tip was keeping the scale in your kitchen... i love that idea.


amanda said...

didnt you have good success with weight watchers?

you look great anyway, just be careful you're not comparing yourself to people who have totally different body composition and bone structure, eh?


Lisa said...

Yes I did love WW when I did it, but I'm back on a certain female medication that I'm certain caused me to gain all that extra weight way back then. That and I used to sit at the library eating cheese and crackers while studying everyday. So I’m a bit more paranoid this time even though I'm way more active. Plus Amanda your completely right when you have wonderful friends with gorgeous award winning bikini bodies and you’re hanging out all the time, well lets just say I say to myself their’s no margin to be lazy and sit around the house eating to much. I just figure I should stop snacking on all the bad stuff I know I shouldn't eat and stay active. p.s Deidre is just getting cuter and cuter, love her little smile. :)

Michelle said...

That pie was soooooo yummy!

amanda said...

oh c'mon, i know you want to have a baby...just give in already!

then you can always feel awesome in a bikini with a cute little belly poking out! i've probably never felt more beautiful than the first time i was pregnant. second times a little different since i have yucky stretch marks (but thats from eating too much and also related to my skin type (not-so-stretchy type, apparently)). ahh, if only i knew then what i know now, i would have drank more water and not given into eating burgers and fries my entire 3rd trimester!

i do support you wanting to have a wholistic healthy lifestyle :D

Lisa said...

Babies!!! Your scaring me, I'd rather just check your little side profile pictures once in awhile and live vicariously through you for now. Yikes!!!!

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Lisa said...

What am I supposed to say to that, I guess the boys think bigger is better. Thank you :)