Monday, July 24, 2006

Playboy and Starbuck?????

Playboy will be featuring in their next issue women that work at Starbucks! Alright I worked at Starbucks for about 4 year and yes the highlight of my time there was closing shop and then all of us girls getting ready for the bar in the back room after, but playboy!!!! Actually it's pretty funny, I guess you can get a naked girl to stand anywhere!

More pics.


FRQSTR=18806640x201683:1:4320|18806640|18806640|18806640|18806640 said...

ooooooooooh my eyes my eyes.

folks, the 'more pix' link is for the boys, only.

ouch. lol


Lisa said...

Right sorry, the link has more naked people. Standing by antique Starbuck espresso machines I'd never seen before, and with milky foam and stuff.