Sunday, December 04, 2005

Blue Lagoon

I was tired of watching all the regular new releases so we went to Rogers our local video store and looked through the older videos. My wonderful brother Jon pointed out Blue Lagoon and we all thought we'd seen it but no one could really remember the plot. His statement,"It's a movie about young people figuring what their body parts are for".
Yes it is about that, but it's also a really sweet movie, you have two children who grow up together and are mostly like brother and sister. But then they,"get to know each other" and develop an intimate bond. This process turns them into adults and is very interesting to watch. All of us were very surprised, this movie was actually a lot better than we expected. Even Quentin the king of new releases, who laughed hysterically when the DVD menu popped on screen, was really enjoying it by the end.
It's also worth it to see Brook Shields so young, she was stunning gorgeous!!!!!!!

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