Sunday, December 18, 2005

Look if anyone cares I repainted my master bathroom, installed glass shelves and completely reorganized it. It looks amazing and I love it now!


t said...

wow, that is gorgeous lisa.
hey, i need to repaint ours too but i first have to get our gawdy mirror off.
hey it's actually the same style as yours but in 90's gold.
hmmmmm, now i wonder if i should just spray paint it your colour.
but if you think to reply, do you know how to remove a mirror like the one in the pic?

Lisa's Diet said...

I have no idea:( Quentin would say google it, I would say go at it with a screwdriver and try to figure it our yourself and if that doesn't work go ask somoeone at homedepot.

t said...

or one of those sledgehammers
or whatever it's called.
the thing with the hook like on 'i know what you did last summer'.
homedepot rocks, i always get my answers there if i'm wondering something.
anyways, your bathroom looks beautiful. send a pic of the whole bathroom when you get a chance. inquiring minds wanna see your bathroom. tee hee