Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Okay tonight they are going to have soft porn on regular TV. I won't have know unless I had opened up the newspaper this morning and found a big article promoting it. Actually the article stated, "this is nothing more than soft core porn". It made another really funny statement when it noted Seal and Giselles' involvement,
" To keep with the silly synopis, Seal serenades his wife/model Heidi Klum as
she kicks up her heels on state. How romantic. Not. Dude, your
selling a CD while your wife basically strips for a few million viewers."

I totally agree this is going to be a really dumb show, and one that I'm extremely thankful we have a PVR to watch on. However I do want to watch the seven foot giants walking down the stip because dammit they set the bar and I have to see what the competition is up too.

Well I watched the Victoria Secret fashion show and to my surprise I really liked it. I thought the serenade with Seal to Heidi Klum was actually sweet and the lingerie show was really fun. They had different themes, Russian, Candy, Toy.... Ricky Martin even performed a little song and dance. The music was really good and well mixed and by the end I was prancing around in my kitchen trying to emulate the "model walk". What a great advertisement for Vicoria Secret, now I'm in the mood to check out the Victoria Secret Catalogue

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Anonymous said...

seal and giselle are involved?
didnt' he just have a kid with the yoddler chick.
um um
heidi klum?
sup wit dat?