Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Utralight Flight

I had a chance to go on my first ultralight flight Sunday night. It was sooooo Fun!!!!! When the plane took off right away my throat dropped into my stomach, you know that feeling! It was such a rush!

Blueberry bushes.

Cloverdale corn maze.

Quentin took this picture.

Glen flew right over me, what a pretty plane.

Can you see me in the back of the plane?


stephoto said...

wow, looks like so much fun! i love the aerial pictures - you see things so differently when youre looking down from above! our friend is a pilot and my favourite little trip was flying up the indian arm to squamish and then coming bak down the coast (took some of my fav vancouver pics then too).

lisa said...

Thanks Steph, it was a lot of fun, you should post your pictures too!