Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mt. Baker for the day

Took this picture on the morning drive out the car window.

This picture describes the day well. Me just happy to be on the mountain in the beautiful scenery snowboarding and Andrew being the official Mt. Baker tour guide explaining in very specific detail to everyone exactly were the best runs and jumps would be.

Here's the boys coming in off a lift, Quentin Jon and Andrew. I'm just a tad slower than they are on the flat cat tracks, so I got alternate routes to help keep up the groups pace.
It was all good and such a treat to get away on a Thursday in such perfect conditions.

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T-Lee said...

Hi Lisa,

good pix!!!

E is going boarding tomorrow to Baker, I'm so jealous I won't get to just go and be photographer nerd girl.... It's so beautiful there.
p.s. what did you mean on my blog about where'd I go?
I'm still here, bud