Friday, January 20, 2006


I wasn't really in the mood to see Casanova tonight, but the times were right and Quentin reminded me how I really wanted to see it. Casanova surprised me and did win me over with its witty banter. It's a romantic comedy except played several hundred years ago when men wore grey curly wigs and frilly outfits.

The movie was incredible hot too, except it's not what your thinking.... When we walked in the theater the air conditioning was blasting and both Quentin and I had our jackets zipped up. I asked Quentin to have the theater people to turn up the temperature and so he did. Then about half way through the movie the theater became unbearable hot, I mean I was using a piece of paper to fan myself and even my eyes felt hot, that's the worst! It's not very nice, but Quentin and I started to laugh because we knew it was totally our fault. After the movie as we were leaving Quentin heard a girl say, "when we first got into the theater it was freezing and by the end it so hot". Me and my bright ideas. :)

The characters in Casanova were great. In the first scene you meet Casanova himself running around like a hooligan seducing women. They show him fleeing a nunnery as the police chase him, but the funny part is that the nuns are all in love him and trying to kiss him as he leaves. There's the token holy virgin in the movie too, except whenever she becomes turned on she starts breaking things like a piece of wood right from the bridge on the street. Quentin thought that was hilarious. Anyways it was a cute romantic movie and I definitely want a copy when it comes to DVD.


Anonymous said...

That's so funny about the temperature trauma Lisa! haha :)

the salmon said...

i laughed at your story too. thats so nice of q to ask them to turn up the heat for you!

Lisa's Diet said...

Thanks the salmon and shayna that was the most intense theather experience yet. And you're right Quentin is totally sweet.