Friday, January 13, 2006

Arron Chang

Today it's rainning so hard outside and it makes me feel like such a lucky girl that I get to sit inside and be warm while it's so cold out there. Brrrrrr why did God make rain so cold.

So I stumbled across this website of Arron Chang's and to be honest I'm totally fascinated by it. I had never heard of Arron Chang before but now I know he's a surfer/photographer/merchandiser. In his slide shows he has these little discriptions and you can read how much he loves pictures. Many of his photo's were taken in Oahu and on the North Shore were we visited, which made me fall in love his pictures even more.

(This was our favorite beach)

The way man interfaces with nature is one of a surf photographers main themes. Cruising the north shore of Oahu one afternoon in I stopped to watch some guy's body surfing the shorebreak at Waimea bay. Walking down the beach I noticed that looking back into the sun was an incredible shot. 300mm lens made the shot.

BW Wave
This was a huge second reef day at Pipe and only a handful of surfers decided to surf this day. No one wanted to shoot from the water. I decided to try and come home with one of my all time signature photos. This was the first photo of an empty wave to be used on the cover of Surfing magazine. Shot with a 100mm lens while swimming.

Andy Irons
This photo captures Andy Irons in that critical moment of deciding how and where to set his line for the barrel at Teahupoo. Shot during an afternoon free surf after the contest was completed for the day, the session included the Hobgoods, Shea Lopez, Conan Hayes and other great surfers. Shot with a 300mm lens from a boat.

Pipeline Lineup
I have been watching Pipeline continuously since 1974. Ninety percent of the time I check the surf from Eukai Beach park. I, like many other dedicated Pipe watchers, do this habitually, sometimes as many as five times a day. This photo is the best day I have ever seen at Pipe; Huge flawless ten foot lines stacked up on the reef with pits big enough to drive school buses though. Shot from the footpath with a 135mm lens.

Kennelly is a surfer I admire. She deals with heavy situations well and has single handedly raised the bar for womens surfing to new and lofty levels. On top of best among the best in the world shes an athlete of great character. Shot in Tahiti from a boat.

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