Saturday, January 07, 2006

Into the Blue

This is one of the better scenes in the Movie, Into the Blue. Right now Quentin, Tom and Jen are watching the last 20 minutes of this film but I decided to get the heck out of there. Not to ruin it but once I saw a peron with the entire portion of their back thigh eaten out by a shark I had to leave. I really hate movies for showing details like this, and now I can't go to sleep for a little while or at least until Quentin comes to bed with me. Not fun!!!! Why do tropical warm waters have to be so dangerous.


Candice said...

This Is why I wont watch "Open Water" I am terrified of sharks! Your dad bugged me about my fear of the sharks in Hawaii. haha

Melanie said...

"Open Water" was quite horrific, so don't see it then kay Candice? You will be too scared!!

Anonymous said...

this will only inspire my husband to watch it.
and me to go read a book. ug
i have a huuuuuge fear of sharks.
i never slept for weeks, before our maui wedding.
i worried that someone was goona talk me into snorkelling and i'd be the one that gets eaten. with my luck.
and would you believe i allowed myself to get talked into snorkelling.? ffffffffffffff.

Shannen said...

Some sharks are nice! When I was in Australia I went to an aquarium an paid money to swim in a tank with sharks... no net or cage, just me and the sharks... it was so amazing! One of the best memories I have of the land down under!!!

Lisa's Diet said...

Shannen you are a brave one!